Questions about: plywood

It's a mistake for the roofers to say that the plywood will definitely have to be replaced. However, they may be familiar with homes in your area, that were built around the same time. So they may have experience, that tells them that the decking wil
How can I treat plywood surface to make it into drainer board? In terms of finish, the only sure way to waterproof wood is with a good film finish. While epoxy finishes, such as used in marine applications, are absolutely waterproof common interior v
Underlayment If you have a vinyl floor in your home and you have wood sub floors, most likely you will have underlayment. Underlayment is used to provide a smoother substrate for some floor coverings, like sheet vinyl. It is also used to raise one ar
OSB has the appearance of giant cornflakes pressed together to form structural panels in sizes similar to plywood, such as 4' x 8' x 5/8". OSB: Floor Covering vs. SubfloorFloor covering (or finish floor) is the term for the topmost, eventual floor--t
How to Hanging a Heavy Mirror on Drywall – A mirror can improve the look and size of a quarter, creating a reflection that makes a smaller space seem more expansive. Similar to hang any heavy object on drywall, serious damage can occur if the mirror
This vinyl bow window was installed about 15-20 years ago: Overall it looks and works OK, but the underside is wood and has severely rotted around the outer edges: Here's a detail of one corner. There is a cut hole in both outer corners, with what ap
Assuming that you can't fix this without removing and replacing the subfloor (I can't think of anyway to "do it right" without doing so but I'm not all knowing in that area). To cut out the subfloor, you can use your circular saw for all but the corn
Check with your local/state laws about moving birds/wildlife first. I know in my area its illegal to move bats during certain times of year. Now birds aren't bats but bats also make noises that could sound like a bird to an untrained ear
Bathroom subfloors are no different that any other subfloor, with the exception that bathrooms are usually smaller and must be able to. .