Questions about: polyurethane

Assuming 70°F, 7 days to cure. You stated your temp has been 40°-60° and did not state humidity. There is nothing wrong with the product, you have used it outside of parameters recommended by the manufacturer (see text below)
My last polyurethane finishing experiment failed. I applied fast-drying Varathane to 3/4" maple plywood shelves. They were very finely finished before applying the polyurethane, and became very rough after
If you're trying to decide between polyurethane and varnish for your tabletop, you can stop scratching your head: They are essentially the same product. The choice between varnish and shellac, however, is a real one, and don't forget to add lacquer t
Oil-based polyurethane reportedly has some toxicity during application, but it is easier to apply and provides a superior finish compared to water-based polyurethane. This means that while I may get away with not using a mask while applying a water-b
I just sanded, stained, and polyurethaned the floors in a house I am refinishing. I put on 2 coats of Ultra-Fast Drying Polyurethane for Hardwood Floors on Monday, surface sanded and added a 3rd coat Wednesday morning. The can says 72 hours to return
There is a product designed for decoupage projects called Mod Podge that is sold at many arts and crafts stores which will seal the paper, and protect it. However it would not be durable enough to just use that, so it would have to be sealed with an
Finishing a floor one room at a time is not a recommended practice. It takes several days, if not weeks for the polyurethane to completely cure. During that time, the poly will be off-gassing toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Lay down a dropcloth beneath the vertical item to protect the flooring. Wash the item's surface well with hot soapy water from a bucket and a cloth to remove any surface dirt, oil or dust. If you do not, the polyurethane will seal in the dirt, thus a
Add several coats of varnish to wood and it will enhance the natural colour of the timber, delivering a lovely, rich sheen. Varnish protects wood, providing a durable surface that helps to prevent damage and keeps it in good condition. So far, so sim