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The below diagram is from http://www. poolcenter. com/plumbingSchematics and is described as follows: Basic Pool & Spa Combination Plumbing Diagram 4 Jandy 3 way valves 1 Jandy 2 way valve 1 Jandy Check valve 2 Jandy Valve Actuators Common pool p
The novelty of seeing a pair of ducks descend on my swimming pool is wearing out. I'm not sure how they will leave the place, but after every two-hour visit, the surface of the water ceases to be pristine, and I know from past experience that hosting
Not sure what you mean by liquid chlorine, but Sodium Hypocholrite (household bleach) will make the pool water yellow and your bathing suit white. My only comment about Dichloroisocyanuric Acid and Trichlorisocyanuric Acid is that these are by far th
To begin, toggle the pool pump to the off position, then also turn the switch on the valve off to minimize excess water flow. Open the drain port at the bottom of the pump system and let it thoroughly drain of water. Cut the inlet and outlet pipes to
Difficult. You may be able to drain it, but it doesn't take much standing water for mosquitoes to breed so that's an ongoing issue unless you fill it in. If your don't drain it, you can keep it chlorinated/brominated/ozonated to kill the mosquitoes
I live in Las Vegas, you know- the desert. Ground water is not a problem here, when it does rain, it either evaporates incredibly fast or is absorbed very deep very quickly. I also live on a small rise so any natural water runs downhill away from my
Making a connection between dissimilar materials (hard/brass and soft/plastic) is difficult. For the best result, it is helpful to transition with one or more materials with in-between stiffness, and/or attach the valve to a wide plate and use a rubb
The original Kool Deck is a proprietary concrete/limestone surface treatment for concrete surfaces. The porous properties of the limestone in the mix allow the coating to take maximum advantage of natural evaporative cooling (the assumption being tha
Use a siphon. Get decent garden hose (that won't collapse if you draw a mild vacuum) and that's flexible enough to stay in the bottom of the pool area. Run it from the center of the "puddle" to a point a couple feet below it in altitude, e