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I will answer your questions in turn, and then add a few notes at the end -- the code for pools is complex, partly because they are bespoke installations for the most part and partly because of how pool electrical safety evolved over time. You actual
We have a set of EnerSol solar panels (black water pipes) which are installed on the roof. Our pool pump sends water up to the panels via black PVC pipes. The water goes through the panels, warms significantly then returns back down to the pool
I'm not sure I completely understand what you mean by "twist. " You mention a 45 degree bend. Is that the bend of the elbow? Why was a "twist" required? At any rate, if it is holding, it will probably be fine under static loads even if installation w
Use a siphon. Get decent garden hose (that won't collapse if you draw a mild vacuum) and that's flexible enough to stay in the bottom of the pool area. Run it from the center of the "puddle" to a point a couple feet below it in altitude, e
You should have a 50 amp breaker for this. The requirements of the attached appliances should not exceed 80% of the rated capacity of the breaker. 40 X 80% = 32, not quite enough
If you use a blower (such as from a wet/dry vacuum, or from a leaf blower), you'll be able to blow the pipes to the skimmer(s) and the return pipes to the pool. You will most likely be unable to blow the pipes going to the intake at the bottom of the
In four months you spend $7500, so assuming you heat using natural gas, that would indicate a consumption of about 19,000 cubic meters. At 10. 8 kWh per cubic meter, we're talking 200,000 kWh; in four months that's an average power requirement of 70
It's crazy complicated. But: If you are concerned with heat-loss due to evaporation, then reducing the exposed surface area will help. The rate of evaporation is proportional to surface area
If u want to swim, you can't avoid the chlorine drying out your skin. It is gonna happen. The best thing to do is to immediately wash your face and other body parts as soon as you get done swimming and dry off