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I just talked to my dad and he suggested that I get some "Acra 60" (spelling) bonding stuff to apply to existing concrete to establish a good bond when applying a layer of new crete material and basically feather it out by hand until there is no slop
View of the floodplain following a 1 in 10 year flood on the Isle of Wight Gravel floodplain of a glacial river near the Snow Mountains in Alaska, 1902 A floodplain or flood plain is an area of land adjacent to a stream or river that stretches from t
Wear protective clothing. Wet concrete can splatter, stick to bare skin, and leave burns. Make sure that your body is completely covered
[Summary]electrical ThreePhaseEel's comment is key. Most light switches I've seen are set up the same as in this instructional PDF. The relevant portion from that PDF is in this illustration: Likely, this is exactly how the switch with one light is w
The picture you showed as an example has extraordinarily high ceilings, but the picture you showed of your porch looks like it does not. Also, the example fans have a gap on either side of the canopies like the one you said you want to avoid, don't t
What's a good way run a length of 2" PVC underground from one side of the porch to the other. I'd use it as a culvert to route a garden hose in the long term. The cement step and walk are 4' wide
I live in Ohio in a home built in 1926. I do not believe the front porch is that old. The porch is L shape, wrapping around the house and is 24 X 8' in the front extending another 14' back, with same 8' foot depth
I think the question you posed deserves an official answer. Simply because a crawlspace exists, does not automatically qualify it as a damp location. Further, if the romex simply passes through the space, even it it is damp, should not necessarily ca
Cape Cod Additions – Building an Addition on to Your Cape … – Half Cape House Addition Adding on to a Cape Half House. The traditional Half Cape House will have a door and two windows on it’s front. If it is an original Half … Cape Cod House Plan Sma