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This all depends on soil conditions. Loamy soil with good drainage, the concrete is probably OK. Clay soil, the concrete doesn't really do anything short of trapping water against the wood
Garage vs Carport We all know what garages are and how important they are for the safety and security of the cars of a household. There are also carports built by some homeowners, to park their cars. Many people remain confused between a garage and c
Wow guys, give me a break here. This job is for my mother (aka - free labor) and the Pergola is not an "intentional" afterthought. She got the Patio redone last month and for structural reasons, and was so happy with how it turned out that she ended
In Australia, carports are very common, and they are the ones that many people prefer having. The carports are normally designed and constructed by professionals. It needs an expert to ensure that the carport has been set up in the right way
My neighbor and I are considering alternatives to wood-in-concrete fence posts for a privacy fence that can have significant wind load in an area that gets up to -30 degree frosts in winter. The biggest drawback with wood-in-concrete posts is that th
http://youtu. be/LJIlniH-TGg How To Set A Pressure Treated 4x4 Wood Post, Carpentry Tips. Discover How To Set A Pressure Treated 4x4 Wood Post as expert handyman Rick E Patterson takes you step-by-step method and other Carpentry Tips from start to fi
I know this questions can't be answered, since it depends on so many factors, but let's call this an opinion survey. Fence will be 5' high, with a 2x4 pressure-treated pine (PTP) wood frame and horse-fencing "panels". Posts will also be PTP, 4x4
Measure the height and length (front to back) of each step, and the distances between the edges of the steps and the locations where you intend to install the railing posts. It may help to make chalk marks on the brick at the intended installation po
Wind stress and possibly snow load are factors your pergola must be designed to withstand. Here's my suggestion: Plan the placement of your pergola on the deck. Install concrete footings below the deck for each post
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