Power at breaker box but not in attic?


Video: How to Connect Wires to Terminal Screws

Troubleshooting the outlet

When an outlet goes dead, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume the worst. But more often than not, the problem is something simple, and you can save the cost of a service call just by taking a few steps to trace the cause. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable doing electrical work. Better than half the time, you’ll solve the problem without even lifting a tool. We’ll show you how to start your search for the problem by checking in the most likely places. If that doesn’t work, we’ll show you where to look for loose connections that may be to blame, and how to fix them.

Of course, there will always be problems that are best left to an electrician. But if you take these steps first, there’s a good chance you’ll find the solution.

Check for Simple Solutions First

Shortly after moving into our house, we had an electrical problem. The exterior outlets and bathroom...

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Hello all,

homeowner here that needs advice.

Bought a 1940's built home a few months ago, house was rewired 15-20 years ago. I cannot afford to update it anytime soon.

There are two breakers for the upstairs, one for a bathroom and bedroom and one for two bedrooms. The past few days the power keeps going out in the two bedrooms at random. The thing is when I go down to the box the breaker is still on, I go ahead and turn it off and then back on again and the power comes back on, sometimes only for minutes, sometimes for hours but eventually goes off again.

The only thing plugged in and running during these times are a computer/monitor/printer and a small fan (that isn't necessarily running at the time the power goes out). I have the computer etc plugged into a surge protector (but for whatever reason the surge protector doesn't do it's job) and the fan into the same outlet. I had no problem for the first three months I've been here, the whole while...

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this is my first time posting a question to a forum like this.

Electrician added a breaker and ran a line to an outlet that had power from a different circuit but had a short in it that could not be located. Is this safe?

Here is the whole story...

Plugged a vacuum in and it started and then went off right away. Also, lost power to 2 other outlets and lights in another room and hallway. On the same breaker there is the bathroom plug with GFI, light fixture and fan all working as expected including the GFI. The breaker was not tripped but I did flip all the breakers off and on a couple times to be sure. I reset all GFI in the house. I removed and replaced the original outlet that caused outage, then replaced another and before replacing the 3rd I used a non-contact meter to see that the wire to the outlet was not getting power. At this point I decided it was time to call an electrician.

I found the electrician on Angies list - they had an A rating and...

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Breaker Box

was a heavyweight robot built by

Team Nightmare

which fought in the 2009


Professional Championship. It was a box-shaped robot armed with a titanium lifting scoop on a 360-degree axle so it could function while being invertible. It didn't do well in competition, winning one battle, but losing 2. Breaker Box still fights today with progressively better results.

Breaker Box was originally a middleweight built in three weeks for a competition in 2006 and was a essentially an up scaled version of Team Nightmare's ant, Shazbot.

Robot history

2009 Pro Championships

In Breaker Box's fight against Brutality. Breaker Box got the first attack in before Brutality could spin its blade up to speed, pushing Brutality with the scoop. Brutality escaped and retaliated, causing sparks with the impact of its blade on Breaker Box's scoop. The impact was so great that Breaker Box became immobilized, eliminating Breaker Box.

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Breaker Trips When Outside Motion Light Shuts Off

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A tripping circuit breaker is indicative of an electrical issue that you will want to define and resolve. It may be the breaker itself, the wiring, or the motion sensing light. This is a guide about the breaker trips when outside motion light shuts off.

Question: Breaker Question - 20 Amp Breaker, 14 wire

I recently purchased a house, and it is clear that the previous owner had not always done things correctly. My present concern is that there seems to be 14 gauge wire running off a 20 AMP breaker. I believe this is a code violation, and more importantly a fire risk. I would rather not open up the walls to replace the wire. Assuming the circuit would be OK on a 15, can I just have the breaker replaced? Is that an adequate solution?




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Best Answer

Yes, that...

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How to - Replace Attic Vent Fan Motor

Shared Knowledge

"How to - Replace Attic Vent Fan Motor"

22 July 2012

Summary: easy enough do-it-yourself (DIY) if you have a few tools, your attic is floored or you can balance yourself on ceiling joists and can stand the heat.


Most attics use at least one, electrically power vent fan, to help pull in cooler outside air through soffits and expel attic heat.

Some attic vent fans are of the gable or on the side of the house type, while others are mounted in the roof itself.

Above is a gable mounted vent fan.

The blue box is the adjustable thermostat.

Above is my roof mounted vent fan.

Although not in picture, the cable coming off motor goes to a "blue" box thermostat.

In my large house, I have 2 gable fans and one roof mounted fan.

Attic vent fans are normally attached to a thermostat such that only when the attic...

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The problem

It’s a dark and stormy night. You flick on the hall light, plug in the coffee maker and crank up the portable electric heater. You’re starting to feel comfy, when you hear a faint, yet ominous, click—and everything goes black. It’s not a cat burglar or a poltergeist playing tricks with your electrical system. It’s an overloaded circuit being protected by a tripped circuit breaker. Kinda spooky and mysterious, eh? Not if you know a few simple things.

Figure A: A Properly Functioning 15-AMP Circuit

This circuit has wires and a circuit breaker that can easily carry the amperage required by the devices
on it.

What’s a circuit? What’s an overload?

When electricity enters your home, it goes to a circuit breaker box (or fuse box in older homes), where it’s divided into a number of circuits. Each circuit is protected by a breaker or fuse. Bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms where only lights, alarm clocks and other small electrical...

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Solve an AFCI tripping problem

AFCI in main panel

You’ll find AFCIs in the main electrical panel or a subpanel. Reset an arc fault breaker like you would a standard circuit breaker.

Close-up of an AFCI

AFCIs protect against fires caused by arcing faults and are now required in new or remodeled bedrooms.

If you have a problem with an AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter) shutting off in you main electrical panel, you’re not alone. Arc fault circuit interrupters are prone to “nuisance tripping,” which is probably what you’re experiencing. AFCIs are designed to sense an arc, which is an electrical “leak” caused when a hot wire touches a neutral or ground but doesn’t trigger the circuit breaker. Although current-sensing circuitry enables AFCIs to detect arcing conditions, unintended trickles of current may also cause the breaker to shut off (AFCIs are very sensitive!).

To solve the nuisance tripping problem, start with things you can do...

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Doesn’t the Electrical Service Panel HAVE to have a Main Disconnect Breaker?”

Main Breaker

The simple answer to this question is, “No—Probably not.”

Because most electrical service panels are NOT installed by homeowners or “Uncle Harry,” it is actually pretty rare to find a main panel without a main disconnect. There are a couple of ways where it might “appear” to be missing—but is in fact there after all. My goal is to keep this post simple enough that most readers can understand what I am talking about.

Real estate agents and home owners need to understand the basic principles so that when the inspector calls for replacement of what appears to be a perfectly good panel, they can understand why.

The first point I will make is that ALL electrical services to the home MUST have a means of shutting off all the power.

Being able to shut off all of the power is usually achieved by a Main Disconnect Breaker in the electrical service panel—and...

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Electrical problems can be among the most mysterious and frustrating that pool owners experience. They are also dangerous to the untrained DIYer so great caution – or a licensed electrician – is required when attempting to diagnose. Here are the most common reasons we see when it comes to pool pumps tripping.


GFCIs are quite sensitive to moisture so if your breaker trips after a storm, you might just need to let the sun do its thing for a day or two. If it’s not summer, you can probably just leave the pump off for a day and try again once everything has had a chance to dry. In summertime, you can still get by with your pump not running for one or two days but it will require some extra chlorine (shock) and manual circulation with a pole or paddle a couple times per day.

Keep in mind that rain isn’t the only possible source of water. A misdirected sprinkler, spray from power washing, even high humidity can affect a GFCI.

Bad or Wrong...

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So you just had to reset the circuit breaker for your furnace. And now you’re wondering what caused this to happen. Will it keep happening? And what you can do to keep it from happening again?

Here’s the key: If resetting the breaker worked and it hasn’t tripped again, you’re probably fine. It might have been caused by a temporary power surge or spike from a thunderstorm or electrical grid problem. Just keep an eye on your furnace.

However, if your furnace continues to trip your circuit breaker, you need to find the source of the problem and fix it. The most common problems are:

An overloaded furnace An overloaded shared circuit Short circuit or ground fault inside your furnace Circuit breaker problems

But first, do not keep resetting a tripping breaker. That’s dangerous. Here’s why...

Circuit breakers are safety devices that help prevent home fires.

Each wire in your home is rated to handle a certain amount of electrical current (measured in...

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