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Learn the basic types and uses for circular saw blades. They range in blade composition, number of teeth (cutting bits or surfaces), the amount of set (the width of the kerf removed by the blade), and the blade quality. http://pad1
What type of screwdriver setup is best to use for attaching drywall to nonstructural steel studs? Yesterday, I tried using my dedicated drywall screwdriver with fine-threaded drywall screws (which specifically advertised they could be used with light
The machine runs on low-voltage AC or DC from a pluggable "wall wart" transformer, and they simply give you a different transformer for different voltages. Internally, the machine has matched sets of 2 things: heating elements, motor windings, etc. F
When shopping for an angle-grinder, how important is variable speed? The importance is use dependent. I think that using different disks (grinding, sanding, cutting, brushing, etc. ) is a satisfactory way to get the most use from the grinder
Alternatives that cover everything for DYI needsThere is no such thing. Whatever you buy now, you will miss something at some point in your DIY life. It may be less obvious than it looks
Drills and impact drivers are similar in that they're both rotating power tools and they have some overlap in usage, but they work differently and have different strengths. Drills apply a constant torque and tend to have good control across a range o
Looking at it a bit further (this is my first arduino project so take it easy on me). Could I just define motor3 and motor 4 and modify the motor state later in the code? int State;//1=Stop,2=Forward,3=Backwardint Lapse;#define MotorPWM 10#define Mot
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I recently bought a Bosch PSB 500 RE power drill and already I kinda screwed up the machine. The chuck is keyless, consisting of two parts which I'll refer to as the head and the base. You would hold the base and rotate the head relative to the base
Some other helpful hints (not from Heloise) 0) ALWAYS wear gloves and eye protection. (Note: if you're using one hand to hold down the material being drilled, a glove can reduce injury if the drill bit jams. On the other hand, you should never depend