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Drill hole in the side of the blower to feed wire inside. Strip back the wires on the USB cable and cut the green and white wires off. These are normally the data lines, which are not being used
Turn the nail gun so that the metal nozzle of the air coupling is pointed up. Drop three drops of tool oil into the nozzle. Release the catch on the bottom of the nail clip, located along the front edge of the gun, below the nail plunger, by depressi
THE SOLAR PANEL This will clear-up a lot of mysteries of the solar panel. Many solar panels produce 16v - 18v when lightly loaded, while other 12v solar panels will not charge a 12v battery. Some panels say "nominal voltage," some do not give any val
I figured how and what the problem was and wanted to post the result because I can see I am not the only one with the 2 cycle beast and this problem. The trimmer will not run if you pull the throttle. For the past 2 months I have had to run it half c
This lighter weight cordless drill from Bosch has all the durability and performance of a heavier duty drill in a smaller package. This mini driver makes the perfect starter cordless drill for those just moving into their own home or apartment. Bring
To ensure that your costs don’t go through the roof, equip yourself with the tools to plan roofing initiatives effectively. Justifying capital funds for these jobs can be challenging, especially when competing for funds with projects that generate re
* Battery Capacity Rating: 159 Watt-hour (Wh) capacity means the battery can theoretically last 159 hours if the device it powered only needs 1 Watt power, or 1 hour if the device need 159W power. A typical 6-cell internal notebook battery capacity i