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topic 49508Q. I am building a outdoor deck in Rochester NY, a wet and cold climate for 4 + months of the year. I am using pressure treated lumber and want to use galvanized brad nails with a pneumatic air gun
Select the deck stain and sealant products of your choice. Look for stain products that are rated for longest wear, particularly in locations where the deck is exposed to a lot of sunlight for long periods every day. Cheap products are not worth the
Measure the height and length (front to back) of each step, and the distances between the edges of the steps and the locations where you intend to install the railing posts. It may help to make chalk marks on the brick at the intended installation po
Installing framing members on a slab requires use of a pressure treated bottom board to avoid wood rot. Concrete slabs will wick moisture between the underlying dirt base and the wood members sitting on top of the slab. If untreated wood is used for
by dan (va) rings around stone perimeter rings around stone perimeter no rings-- looks good here Hi, I have attached 3 pics, the first is of an area that looks OK with the sealer applied, the next 2 have the rings on the stone perimeter. I think the
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The board that is against your house is the ledger. This runs parallel to your house you should see it bolted in. This would be load bearing (along with your posts) and is bolted into floor joists - which are not 2x4s