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I'm in the process of doing some landscaping and want to run some electrical / plumbing for a future house (building next summer). The plan right now is to have a storage tank behind or below the tiny house for waste water then pump it 60' or so to t
Teach your baby daughter to swim as soon as possible - there's plenty of water to fall into that is not in your garden. A pump rated for 0. 7m head should be fine with a 0
People who live in a region which doesn't have a municipal water supply generally install a private well system. Though the well water pumps that are used in such systems are quite powerful, well water pressure may fluctuate sometimes. Low water pres
It depends on what type of failure are you talking about. The rate at which water flows from a leak, is going to depend on the size of the leak. It could range anywhere from less than 1 ml per day, to the full supply flow rate
Party pumps are generally used in single keg special event environments such as picnics, backyard BBQ's, beach parties, etc. The hand operated pump is the pressure source that forces the beer out of the keg. With this method of dispensing, the beer s
Making a connection between dissimilar materials (hard/brass and soft/plastic) is difficult. For the best result, it is helpful to transition with one or more materials with in-between stiffness, and/or attach the valve to a wide plate and use a rubb
I have a small room in which a shower pump is located. This room is only separated from the rest of the house by a wooden door. The shower pump is located on top of some sort of vibration dampening material, which is itself located on top of a layer
Most sewage systems work using the power of gravity to move solids and liquids down a line. There may be situations where it is simply not possible to put plumbing devices uphill from a septic or city sewage system, however, and in those cases, a sew