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Based on the Behaviourist view that learning to speak a foreign language - like other skills - was simply a question of correct habit formation, it was thought that repeating phrases correctly lots of times would lead to mastery of the language.Nowadays we know that language learning is not like this - it is a far more complex and creative process - and language is a lot more than just a list of structures to be memorised.

An approach based mainly or only on language drills is unlikely to find many adherents today. However, drilling remains a useful technique in the classroom if it is used appropriately.

What drills can be useful for

What drilling is
At its simplest, drilling means listening to a model, provided by the teacher, or a tape or another student, and repeating what is heard. This is a repetition drill, a technique that is still used by many teachers when introducing new language items to their students. The teacher says (models) the word or phrase and the...

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Wow, I can't believe no one has answered your question!

1) As for names, I don't know what you or you friends would like. The name could be as simple as your city's name and then Drill Team right after it....For example "Las Vegas Drill Team." If you guys ride the same type of horses, you can use that in there "American Quarter Horse Drill Team."
I am a part of different Drill Teams. "Renegade Cowgirls," "Cowgirl Up Western Drill Team," "Stars N Paints," "All-American Cowgirls," and "All-American Quarter Horse Drill Team." All still together, but majority don't have the extra time to practice so we no longer preform.

2) Classic maneuvers, A lot of teams like to enter in pairs. The flying V and be popular, Pin Wheel, thesplittingg of pairs (how you do it though can be unique). What I mean by this is the pairs that come in together are usually split. One side goes one way, the other the other way. When groups ride in lines, that's common. It all depends on the teams...

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Cordless drills allow users to operate a powerful electric drill without the disadvantage of being tied to an electric plug outlet. This freedom of movement makes cordless drills more convenient than cabled drills. It often also means that a great saving in time and equipment cost can be made by avoiding the need for long cables, while still making it easy to carry out work in distant or otherwise inaccessible areas.

The latest cordless drills benefit from an increasing number of advanced features. These add greatly to their convenience, utility, and appeal. However, there are some instances where cordless drills have not yet caught up with corded drills. There are also areas where some types of cordless drill are better than others. Before buying a cordless drill, therefore, it is important to research the market and to be sure that the drill under consideration is suitable for its intended purpose.

Although cordless drills are widely available, they are not always...

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