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My plan is to drywall its inside and outside faces, all the way down across the beam. Can I built it on the surface of the platform safely? I would prefer to avoid attaching the posts to the front of the beam because it would make drywalling more dif
i am assuming that the situation you are describing is drywall on furring strips on concrete (so there is a 3/4" or so gap between the drywall and the concrete). if its drywall directly on concrete, see the first answer. if its the latter than see be
It appears that the rim joist is pulling away from the joists to which it's nailed due to the outward forces on the railing. You could screw the rim joist to the joists (where those nails are now), which might give a bit more holding power, but you w
Ok, I have my basement stairs I'm finally trying to mount a handrail on (it wasn't done by previous owners, and I'm finally getting to my "to-do" list :) ) So I measured, and went out and grabbed a wooden railing (4 ft length) and some brackets: So n
I am building a suspended terrace as per the image below The terrace is 1. 5 metres deep, and has two long sides of around 9m and 4. 5 metres
After consultation with my master-carpenter-looking-over-my-shoulder, Dan, the following solution was arrived at: 1. The newel post - built up from 1x3 clear oak boards glued together. Two are full length, one is beveled (before gluing) to sit on top
HOW TO INSTALL COCKTAIL RAILINGTREX TRANSCEND Important: ONLY use with 4x4 post and post sleeve. Cutting post and post sleeve ONLY apply to Cocktail style railing. NOTE: Blocking can be added for extra strength