Range hood exterior vent close to window?


there are not many specific guidelines . all there is in the obc is this:

9.10.22. Fire Protection for Gas, Propane and Electric Cooktops Installation of Ranges

(1) Reserved

(2) Clearances for and protection around gas, propane and electric ranges shall be not less than those provided in Articles and Vertical Clearances above Cooktops

(1) Except as provided in Sentence (2), framing, finishes and cabinetry installed directly above the location of the cooktop shall be not less than 750 mm above the level of cooktop burners or elements.

(2) The vertical clearance described in Sentence (1) for framing, finishes and cabinets located directly above the location of the cooktop is permitted to be reduced to 600 mm above the level of the elements or burners provided the framing, finishes and cabinets,

(a) are noncombustible, or

(b) are protected by,

(i) asbestos millboard...

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Venting our range hood was about the most challenging part of our remodel. Our range is on an interior wall that is adjacent to our formal dining room, too. An additional issue for us is that just outside the dining room is a screen porch.

Our floor joists did run the "right" way - revealed the minute we took out the old cabinets. But our first idea, going directly out to the right, landed the vent in the soffit of the porch. So we had to do 2 right angles and come out above the window (which is roughly where your doors are). Total run is probably 12 feet so when we did the calculations based on our range hood (Zephyr Venezia), we were fine in terms of CFMs.

Our cabinet maker and the sheet metal guy had a heated argument about how to run the venting (sheet metal guy was lazy, cabinet guy knew it could be done but would be challenging).

In the end we used rectangular ducting and ran it in the space between the floor joists in the first run, then a slight dip and...

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Do you frequently cook on your stove or range? Notice a strange grease smell from around the stove area? When you are cooking on your range and you have the vent turned on, all the smoke and grease that is pulled up through the air goes through the vent filter and up and out of your home. Over time this range hood filter will become HEAVILY caked with grease. This grease can begin to stink and the filter itself can get clogged up which can become a safety hazard. If you have not cleaned your range hood filter for years, it may be best to replace it. Here we will show you how to either clean your oven range vent filter or replace it (depending on how bad it is). Our “How-To” on cleaning a greasy oven vent filter is EASY!

How To Clean or Replace a Range Vent Filter

NOTE: Vent filters are attached to both hoods and some microwave ovens mounted over the stove or range. Some vents are ducted and some are non-ducted. There is really no difference in the filters as most are...

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The next time you decide to show off your Hibachi Chef talents and cook that delicious meal for a small gathering of friends in your kitchen, you will first want to make sure that your kitchen is properly equipped to handle all the smells, steam, and oil splashes from your grand hibachi art-work! — In other words, you’ll want to make sure that your kitchen space is 100% ready for the hard-core cooking, so that when it’s all said and done, your kitchen still looks, feels, and smells great!

That being said, I would like to talk about a proper way to vent a kitchen hood, so that you don’t end up with all sorts of messy stains and unwanted moisture and smells in your lovely...

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Credit: Stigfinnare via Wikimedia Commons

When you cook inside on a stove, the chemical reactions that are released into the air are actually unhealthy and should be filtered away. The best was to do this is to use a vented range hood over the stove which absorbs grease and vapor when cooking and whisks it out of the house through a vent stack.

There are several different types of range hoods, the key difference being how they are mounted. Some hoods mount below cabinets over the stove, while other are placed between two wall cabinets with decorated, long vent hoods, or stacks, to conceal the duct work leading to the attic above.

If you have a ventless model already in place, before removing and reinstalling a new vented version, check with the manufacturer and see if they have a conversion option to exterior venting for it.

If the range is located along an exterior wall, the process will be much easier. If not, you will need to run duct work between the...

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Range hoods are very important features in a kitchen. Located at or over your cooktop, they function to expel grease vapor and...

A vented range hood can be an asset to any kitchen by drawing away heat, smoke, grease and steam. It can make...

Non-vented range hoods are a snap to install. There are no vent pipes to worry about, which leaves more space above the...

Combination microwave vent hoods are great space-savers, especially in small kitchens. Also known as over-the-range, or OTR, microwaves, these appliances usually come...

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to add interest to your kitchen by installing a ductless range hood.

An exhaust hood, or range hood, is a hood installed over the stove in a kitchen designed to catch excess smoke or...

Range hoods serve to ventilate the kitchen by pulling air, soot, smoke and airborne grease upwards through a filter. Like bathroom...

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Island range hoods are range hoods that hang over a range that is set into the island of a kitchen. Due to the location of the island, island range hoods can present a problem. If the homeowner wants to use a vented range hood, the island range hood must be located close to an exterior wall or window. Most islands are located on the interior of the kitchen, however, which means that the range hood must be ductless.

Island range hoods that are ductless will not sweep stale kitchen air outside of the home. A ductless range hood works by filtering the air in the kitchen. The filters in the range hood will either be made of a material that can be replaced, such as charcoal, or a material that can be cleaned, such as aluminum. It is important that the filters be replaced or cleaned regularly; otherwise the island range hood will be forced to work harder, shortening its lifespan.

Another consideration that you should think about when shopping for island range hoods is how...

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Ductless range hoods are one of three different types of range hoods, along with ducted, or vented, range hoods and convertible range hoods. Vented range hoods require access to outside from the area in the kitchen where the stove is located. Convertible range hoods can be used with either ductless or ducted systems.

Versions that are ductless are usually the second choice in range hoods. When it is possible to install a hood that can be vented to the outside, that will be the more popular choice, since they expel stale kitchen air directly outside. If the stove is located near a window or against an exterior wall, then installing a vented range hood is a relatively straightforward process. The range hood must be vented outside; it cannot be vented into an attic or an interior wall.

If a kitchen stove is located along an interior wall, or for some other reason a homeowner cannot install a vented range hood, he or she will probably choose a ductless model instead....

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Victory Range hoods installation guidelines for low noise and high CFM

Everyone is looking for the smallest, most powerful and quiet fan.

Unfortunately, it is not possible. To get a good suction and low noise, you will need 7 main things:

1 Powerful BIG blower, external or internal.

The bigger the blower, the better suction you will get . In
order to reduce the noise, the blower needs to rotate slow and/or be
installed on the roof. The faster it goes, the more noise it creates.
So.. slow rotating but big blower is ideal. External roof mount blower
will reduce the noise, but is 2 times more expensive to install ,
because the roof or wall mount external blower needs to be rated for
outdoor use and it is most of the time the same cost as the hood itself.
We created hoods such us PS19 or Twister Max without blower inside for
customers willing to install a roof mount blower. Victory Twister requires 6” duct ,

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10" (25.4 cm) rain.



17" (43.2 cm)*








to cooking






*For non-vented (recirculating)



Minimum distance "X": 24" (61.0 cm) from electric cooking


Minimum distance "X": 27" (68.6 cm) from gas cooking


Suggested maximum distance "X": 36" (91.4 cm)

The chimneys can be adjusted for different ceiling heights. See

the following chart.

Vented Installations

Min. ceiling height

Max. ceiling height

Electric cooking

7' 4" (2.23 m)

9' 6" (2.9 m)


Gas cooking

7' 7" (2.31 m)

9' 6" (2.9 m)





Min. ceiling...

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And there’s the nitrogen dioxide produced by many gas flames, said Shelly L. Miller, Ph.D., an indoor air quality expert and associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“In complete combustion, you just get carbon dioxide and water,” said Dr. Miller, who tests natural-gas appliances. “But a lot of times you get incomplete combustion, and its byproducts. Nitrogen dioxide is the main one of concern. Elevated concentrations of nitrogen dioxide have been shown to cause respiratory problems, including elevated asthma and irritation.” This is especially true in children, Dr. Miller said.

The best way to vent a stove, said Dr. Shaughnessy, “is to vent to the outside. You’re looking for a range hood that’s going to sufficiently exhaust it right out of the home.”

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