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I have one room with no electricity, flipping the breaker has no effect, and using a multi-meter to test the breaker, says there's 120 volts coming out, so its not the electrical panel. I used a receptacle tester, and I was getting a hot/ground rever
I need to install a GFCI receptacle in my unfinished basement for the new power-vented hot water heater that I had installed. The plumber said I could use the existing furnace circuit. I mapped out the circuit but am unsure as to how I should wire th
thanks in advance for help Question is this. I have romex running from the panel to a set of 6 outlets. If I want to add lights and a switch, can I simply add them FROM the first outlet? Details below
That may not be necessary. You may have tripped a circuit breaker or a GFCI device. First see if the breaker to that outlet has been tripped
I'm replacing an old/aged receptacle. Incoming hot wired to hot on receptacle. Neutral had been previously connected but snipped off and wire is loose in box (copper end more or less insulated)
[Electrical] Range Hood Outlet Question We are replacing our range hood with an over the stove microwave. We are going to use the outlet in the cabinet above the stove however the existing range hood is wired directly into that outlet. The wiring for
You should only be charging at 16A, 240V which would give you about 12 miles of charge per hour. I don't know if "lucky" is the right word if you were drawing 24A from the 6-20. "Lucky" that you didn't start a fire is more like it
With a daily need for charging, smartphones and tablets end up causing more USB and Lightning cable mess than old-fashioned rotary dial phones with their curly cords. Wall power sockets in every room of the house are being taken over with plugs for U
When you have more than one or two gadgets, the outlets near that kitchen counter can get very cluttered. If you want to clean things up, you can upgrade your outlets to support not just standard 120-volt power cords but 5v USB charging too. Why Woul
The hot wires connect to brass-colored screws located on side Look for screw color on outlet Brass (or black) for Hot, Silver for Neutral, Green for groundSome outlets do not have color-coded screws. Ignore Neutral screw if no neutral wire availableM