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If you’re running out of outlets to plug things into, installing a switch/outlet combo is a great way to squeeze in another receptacle without completely wiring in a new outlet or sacrificing existing outlets or switches. A switch/outlet combo like t
The ground issue is a red herring. The issue is that one of the sockets (probably the one in the cheater) is not clamping the plug blades very well. Either it is cheap junk, or lost its "spring"
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First, those outlet testers are a mess in a dress. Not the tester, that's simple enough, it's just 3 lights across the 3 pins. But the legend, and all the silly things it says, is about as helpful as a magic 8-ball
GFCI outlets/receptacles are meant to protect you, but problems with a tripping GFCI can sometimes be a mystery. This article examines one of the reasons why problems with a tripping GFCI breaker occurs. Q: We are in our summer home, a 1 year old 38
This is never necessary and is potentially lethal. Correct it or have it corrected as soon as you can. It is worth noting that you can getwiring reversals in sockets that allow properly wired appliances to workAND reversals in appliances that allow t
In my house, there are maybe three or four outlet boxes and switch boxes where there was damage done to the drywall surrounding the box at some point. There are no structural or electrical issues (well, none that I haven't already fixed at least—some
I would hazard a guess that the boxes are not aligned perfectly. This isn't uncommon, and often the metal flanges of the outlet will need to be slightly, deliberately twisted to get the face of the outlet to match the plane of the plate (which will p
With most live wire detectors there is an adjustment wheel that sets the sensitivity. If you have this turned up too high it won't give a localised reading. Usual procedure is to turn the device on, then in free air, adjust the sensitivity up until t