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Recessed lighting placement in the ceiling is calculated based on the surface, object, or area to be illuminated. In this post, I’ll explain how to manually calculate the placement for your lights, and then give you a calculator that does it all for
National Electrical Code is pretty clear on this, at least as of the 2014 version. It says that if the fixture is above the tub or shower, and within 8 ft. vertically from the top of the bathtub rim or shower threshold, the fixture must be rated for
You have something else in the circuit that uses a small amount of power and which bypasses the switch. A smart-switch of some sort will do this but there are other devices that also do this, for example a switch illuminator (so you can find it in th
We have a stomped ceiling on the first floor in our new home (built in 1969) that we want to get rid of. Every contractor we've talked to says that scraping it off isn't an option because it's been painted over, so we are opting to install another la
Answer: A "system board" is another name for motherboard. Therefore integrated and non-integrated system boards are two types of motherboards. An integrated system board has multiple components integrated into the board itself
New LED recessed lighting I have a room with no installed lighting. I want to install recessed LED lights in that room, my kitchen and a hallway. I want to go straight to LEDs
Benefits of LED Lighting LED light bulbs can save you money not only because they are roughly 80% more energy efficient than other bulbs, they also produce far less heat than metal halides, CFLs, and incandescent light bulbs. Upgrading to LED lightin
We've been having problems with our lights dimming recently. We've had similar problems with bathroom fans slowing, plus the TV and dishwasher will reset. I have a suspicion that it caused by the fridge