Refrigerator noise


Fed up of the irritating noise that your refrigerator is making? Is it getting louder day by day? Well, you need to check it out carefully, for there can be various causes of a noisy refrigerator. Basically, you need to check whether the noise coming from this kitchen appliance, is from its backside or inside and then proceed with the troubleshooting task. So, don't worry anymore on how to stop the noise and follow the troubleshooting tips given below.

Noise from Inside

In case of a self-defrosting fridge, the source of noise is generally from the inside. Basically, a fan is used in this appliance for proper air circulation through both the compartments; the fridge and the freezer. The placement of fan depends on the structure of the appliance and where the freezer compartment is located.

If freezer section is on left side of your fridge, the fan is usually located on the topmost part of the back wall. If the freezer is at the bottom, the fan is on back wall in...

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Is your refrigerator keeping you up at night with its various moans and groans? When you need immediate relief from your noisy refrigerator, there are a few steps you can take. Follow these helpful tips from your local appliance repair shop:

Locate the source of the noise – Is the noise coming from the inside of the freezer, or the outside back of the refrigerator? Determining what area the noise is coming from will help you narrow down the possible components that might be causing the sound. Troubleshoot – There are only a handful of parts in a refrigerator that typically cause noise. Once you have narrowed down the general location of the sound, you can begin troubleshooting various components to try to resolve the issue. While some issues can easily be fixed with minimal effort, others will require that you call in a professional who is trained in refrigeration repair.

Noise Inside the Freezer

Noise originating inside the freezer can typically be attributed to the...

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Ii you find that a chirping, squealing or other unusually loud noise is coming from behind the refrigerator, it's possible the compressor is failing. This is the most serious repair you'll have to make, because the unit must be replaced and can cost quite a lot. Often, people choose to buy an entirely new refrigerator instead, especially if the current model is an older, inefficient type. The compressor is encased in a large box, usually mounted on the lower back of the unit. If the noise is definitely coming from this football-sized case, then the compressor is the problem. If not, it's possible that the defrost timer or condenser fan motor in self-defrosting models is...

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When your refrigerator is noisy there can be many causes for the noise. Most of the sounds you will hear from a new or old refrigerator is normal operating sounds. Some noises from your refrigerator can be fixed by doing a small adjustment to the fridge. Below are all the different sounds and noises your refrigerator can make with explanations for each.

Noisy Refrigerator? – 20 Sounds your fridge makes and what they are.

Some new refrigerators have compressors that are able to regulate the temperature in a highly efficient way. Newer style compressors use less energy and are very quiet. When a newer more efficient compressor is operating normally, you will hear the normal operational noises your refrigerator makes. Most of these sounds are created by your fridge operating normally. Some sounds may sound loud or seem to occur very often. Find the different fridge sounds below and see what the sound is and how to make an adjustment if necessary to stop the...

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The motor seems to run

too much

The lights do not work

Pantry Temperature

Control not lit/



To listen to normal refrigerator sounds, go to the Product Help/FAQ section of the brand website and search for "normal sounds."


The refrigerator seems


Below are listed some normal

sounds with explanations.

Sound of the compressor

running longer than expected






High efficiency compressor and fans

The room or outdoor temperature is


A large amount of warm food has

been recently added.

The door(s) are opened too frequently

or for too long.

The refrigerator door or freezer drawer

is ajar.

The refrigerator control is set too cold. Adjust the refrigerator control...

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I’ve worked on a lot of different brands of refrigerators over the last 15 years and none have left a mark quite like the Samsung brand. I’ve been factory authorized for almost 15 year now I’ve seen a lot of appliances come and go. The amount of trouble folks seem to have with these particular refrigerators is quite impressive to me.

I want to work on just one of the common issues these refrigerators seem to have. A knock, a tap, or a grinding type noise.

These side by side and bottom mount Samsung Refrigerators have several common issues that can causes these noises. I’ll try my best below to describe them all. I’m hoping with the provided information you will be able to not only learn something but you will be able to apply that new information into a feeling of accomplishment by fixing your broken appliance. If you require more help, please use the “Ask Matt” page @ the top of this page. I can provide step by step detailed directions on how to make this repair...

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[Summary]Which refrigerators have the best noise ratings? A large number of consumers and appliance reviewers agree that the Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator 6898 is the quietest refrigerator available as of 2015. They note that the only way to hear the... Re


Which refrigerators have the best noise ratings?

A large number of consumers and appliance reviewers agree that the Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator 6898 is the quietest refrigerator available as of 2015. They note that the only way to hear the...

Refrigerators: Expert and User Reviews

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Is your refrigerator noisy? This noisy refrigerator repair guide can walk you through the steps it takes in repairing your refrigerator. These are the same steps I take when repairing appliances professionally. So if you follow these steps your problem will be solved in no time. Take the time to read each section carefully until your refrigerator is repaired.

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Noise From Inside Refrigerator

The most common problem that causes refrigerators to be noisy is the fans. First, where is the...

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SamsungDrew or Jan or someone:

I just purchased a full Samsung black stainless kitchen set and we love them. The refrigerator was installed on a Monday and was silent and wonderful. The next day the new dishwasher and microwave were installed. That Thursday (2-3 days later), my daughter and I were sitting at the kitchen table and we both heard a new noise start that we hadn't before -- loud enough that we noticed it over the TV/surround sound and the dishwasher that was running. I traced it to the fridge and realized it was coming from underneath/back, and realized it must be the compressor. The next day, the same installer came back to put in our DuoFlex gas range, and I asked him. He heard it as well, and said that he has seen that in a few of the same Samsung fridges that he has installed, but definitely not all of them like my model. He couldn't remember the terms but he said something about some of these compressors having an issue and I should contact Samsung customer...

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Here are some possible answers to your problem. I found them at

Refrigerators typically make a lot of sounds when they operate. The cause of the problem can usually be narrowed down once you determine where the sound is coming from. If you hear something coming from the bottom, the source is probably somewhere else. There is not much under a refrigerator to make noise. You may hear noise coming through this area of the fridge, but it is probably originating in the back of the refrigerator.

Regarding any water sounds, refrigerators have a drip pan behind the kick plate. During a defrost cycle, melt-water from the freezer ice typically drains through a tube and down the back of the refrigerator into the drip pan. You may hear water dripping into it or it may rattle. Usually evaporation empties the drip pan, but you can remove it and empty it if there is a lot of liquid in it. If it rattles, you can check the supports holding the pan to make sure they...

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If your refrigerator seems to be getting louder, you should spend some time troubleshooting refrigerator noises to learn about and alleviate the problem. Once you identify where the noise is coming from, you can proceed with any repairs.

Noise Coming From the Back

If the offending noise is coming from the back of the fridge, there are three possible components that could be making the noise: the condenser fan, the defrost timer, or the compressor.

The condenser fan is located in the back of the fridge and is sometimes covered by a panel. Noise is commonly made because of dust or lint stuck between the blades of the fan. The first step to fixing this is to unplug (always the first step when attempting to fix any electrical appliance) your refrigerator to get to the condenser fan. Use a soft brush to clean between the fan blades, but if there doesn't appear to be any debris buildup, you may have to replace the motor as the noise will be indicating that it is...

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Noise pollution is one of the unavoidable hazards of modern life, but you don’t have to let it overwhelm your home. Refrigerators tend to be noisy because they cycle on and off, and having an automatic ice maker adds to the general din. But you don’t have to either grit your teeth and bear it or invest in ear plugs if you have a noisy ‘fridge. A few simple tricks will help cut the noise so you won’t lose your cool.


Refrigerator noise can be caused by any number of things, from a faulty part to something caught up in one of the moving parts. If your refrigerator is under warranty or your homeowner’s insurance stipulates that all repairs must be done professionally to be covered, you should call an appropriate service to fix it. Otherwise, most refrigerator noise is fairly simple to identify and not very difficult to fix. One of the simplest causes is the vibration of the refrigerator against the floor, which carries throughout the home. This can be eliminated...

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The normal operation of your refrigerator will cause some sound. The following list contains sounds that are normal.

A Chirping/barking/woof/howl sound can sometimes be heard as the damper door opens/closes.A change in fan speed as the refrigerator responds to changes in temperature due to door opening.A clicking/tic tock noise can be heard when the defrost timer switches on and off.A click can be heard when the temperature control unit turns the unit on and off.A boiling, gurgling, or knocking sound can be heard when the unit is running. This is caused by the circulation of refrigerant.Gurgling sound in the door. This sound can be heard just after the door is closed because of the water in drain tube trap area. It can last several seconds.A drip may be heard when defrost water is dripping into the pan beneath the refrigerator.The icemaker will make a loud noise when cubes are dropped into the bucket.A hum or click can be heard when the icemaker fills with water. This sound may...
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Is the noise coming from the refrigerator or door alarm?

Does the refrigerator have a water dispenser?

Yes No

Does it dispense water?

Yes No

Does the refrigerator have an icemaker?

Yes No

Does the noise occur when you are dispensing water?

Yes No

Does the noise stop when the doors are opened?

Yes No

When you dispense water, does the noise occur everytime; or briefly as you start and stop dispensing water?

Yes, Everytime No, Only on Start/Stop

Does the noise stop when the doors are opened?

Yes No

When does the noise occur?

When Opening/Closing Doors Occasional All the Time

When does the noise occur?

When Opening/Closing Doors Occasional All the Time

This noise may be coming from the icemaker when the water supply is not connected to it.

The reasons for this sort of noise:

During normal refrigerator operation, when the icemaker is turned...

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