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When you short cycle the compressor like that it's the worst thing an owner can do to shorten the lifespan of it's compressor. The refrigerator compressor uses oil to lubricate the pump. This pump runs very hot
I need to know how to fix a Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser. If the fridge won’t dispense water, first make sure you have the water supply turned on. I know you have to turn the ice maker on
Mechanically removing ice is a great way to break your fridge. Stick to heat and time. Your fan appears to not be attached
I purchased in 2003 a ge side by side model #gsl25jfpabs. I noticed the divider panel was extremely hot to the touch so read on your website what to do. The condensor fan was not working so tested the main board and determined I needed a new board
I'm wondering if a faulty thermostat is what is causing my fridge freezer to misbehave? The fridge gets down to 12C, and the freezer to -20C or so, then the compressor does nothing for hours and it comes back up to ambient-ish. The fridge-freezer is
The Handyguys discuss modern refrigerator troubleshooting. Many of these tips apply regardless of who makes your refrigerator. Paul’s GE side by side refrigerator is not cooling correctly (model gss25tsre
I have a Hotpoint RFA52 Iced Diamond fridge freezer (or RFAA 52 P, R600a 58 gr according to the label on the back), about two or three years old. Compressor is Emraco EMX66CLC. Thermostat is Danfoss 077B3281 B62 -20