Removing and capping a wall plug that works in series with other plugs


Yes, that's probably fine. Assuming the tabs connecting the two screw terminals on each side of your outlet are intact, the outlet is being used both as a receptacle and to join those wires. Simply connect the wires (including grounds) directly using wire nuts and remove the outlet, then install a blank face plate. Make sure the location remains accessible, this is required by code for future service.

If the tabs (particularly the black/hot side) are not intact, then the outlet is likely partially switched. (This is a little more likely because you mentioned a black+white wire.) If you do find that it's a switched wire, then you should simply cap the black/black+white wires individually rather than bonding them, so you don't create a loop in the...

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Animation of a wall plug.

A wall plug (UK English)[notes 1] or screw anchor (US English), also commonly called a Rawlplug (a generic trademark) or a dowel in UK and US English respectively, is a fiber or plastic (originally wood) dowel used to enable the attachment of a screw in material that is porous or brittle or that would otherwise not support the weight of the object attached with the screw.[1][2] It is a type of fastener that for example allows screws to be fitted into masonry walls.

There are many forms of wall plug, but the most common principle is to use a tapered tube of soft material, such as plastic. This is inserted loosely into a drilled hole, then a screw is tightened into the centre. The screwing action wedges the plug firmly in place, the soft material conforming tightly to the masonry. Such fasteners can attach one object to another in situations where screws, nails, adhesives, or other simple fasteners are either impractical or ineffective....

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Caps'n Plugs offers a wide array of unique plastic plugs for a variety of applications. Whether the job requires a plastic plug with a particular flange size for extra protection or a specific tab added to help when removing from hard to reach areas, our line of plastic plugs has a solution for any possible use.

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I have experienced this problem twice and am very confused about why it is occuring.

I usually use my W520 laptop on a docking station and when I am at home or travelling I keep it powered by with a wall adapter. So at work it stays charged and operating from the docking station (i.e. ports on the bottom of the laptop). When I am at home it stays charged by pulling it in using the Lenovo (170W power adapter).

Last year I was in China working and all of a sudden my laptop would no longer charge and would shutdown when the battery died) with the wall adapter. I ended up buying a docking station and managed to keep it charged and operating that way. Obtaining any type of warranty service in China was a major pain but the problem was diagnosed to be an issue with my motherboard. I returned to Canada and had my computer replaced (computer was about 3 months old).

Now I am back in Canada and have the same problem with my new replacement laptop. I am puzzled why this...

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Product Details

ClenAir HVAC Odor Block

ClenAir introduces ... HVAC Odor Block. Breathe Easy with ClenAir Odor-Block! ClenAir is Safe! Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly.

ClenAir Odor Block is not a perfume mask or cover-up. It is a true odor neutralizer that molecularly reacts with the odor causing compounds and eliminates them and other indoor pollutants leaving a clean, fresh scent behind. ClenAir Odor Block makes it easy to improve the indoor air quality in the entire home or building by treating the air through the HVAC system.

Use in A/C Units, Furnaces, Rooftop Units, Fan Coil Units, Mini Splits, and Air Handlers.

Residential HVAC Odor-Block treats up to 3 ton systems for 2 months.

Easy to Use....

Just remove the protective plastic from the ClenAir Odor Block. Place the bare Odor Block back into the box. Hang or place the box anywhere near the air filter or blower, or anywhere in the return ductwork.


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This article is all about the non engineering side of electrical installations. Its purpose is to explain some of the techniques that are used when installing electrical equipment and wiring in typical domestic situations.


Cables can be run in a large number of places and ways. However, some places are better than others, and certain rules need to be followed to comply with the wiring regulations in some cases. In addition to the practical issues of cable routing, one also needs to think about what materials you are placing the cable in/under etc. since these may have effects that you need to take into account in the electrical design. E.g. a cable buried in an insulating material will not be able to lose heat as quickly as normal, and this means that the maximum current it is allowed to carry is reduced.

General routing issues

Care needs to be taken when selecting cable routes to minimise the risk of damage to the cable at a later date, and...

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