Removing the concrete from the top off a concrete column


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Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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How do I create a chamfer or bevel at the top of a concrete column?


You can use the solid Primitive Tools in Chief Architect to create a wide variety of customized shapes and symbols.

In this example, we will use the Cylinder and Cone primitives to bevel on the end of a cylinder and add it to the User Catalog for future use .

In this example, we will create a concrete column that is 24 inches in diameter and chamfer the top edge at 45 degrees.

To create the cylinder

Select Build> Primitive> Cylinder , then click and drag to create a cylinder. Using the Select Objects tool, select the newly created cylinder solid, then click on the Open Object edit tool. In the Cylinder Specification...
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Knock Knock…Hack Hack… that is what I have been doing the past few days to create a trio of knock-off Restoration Hardware Concrete Fire Columns. I was inspired by this one I saw in the Restoration Hardware catalog. I immediately was reminded of the building tubes I used to use to set up store displays and knew I could inexpensively make my own DIY version of one of these concrete fire columns. Here is the RH version.

Here are the three I made – they are not eco-friendly gel fueled, just plain ole candlelight fueled.

I sit out on my patio in the autumn a lot as it is my FAVORITE time of year. I wanted to get it all ready for the season by adding some ambiance for nights I like to go outside, relax on the chaise, and stargaze into the autumn sky.

Restoration Hardware also has a tabletop version. That was the easiest one to make. I would just glue a round of felt to the bottom so you won’t scratch your table.


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Placing Concrete

The main objective in placing is to deposit the concrete as close as possible to its final position as quickly and efficiently as you can, so that segregation is avoided and it can be fully compacted.

Concrete can be transported by a variety of different methods ranging from wheelbarrows, dumpers and ready-mix trucks to skips and pumps, and though it is obviously desirable to place the concrete directly into position this is not always possible: for example, it will seldom be practical to discharge from a dumper or ready-mix truck directly into the top of a column or wall.


Someone experienced in the construction of formwork, preferably a tradesman, should always be standing by when the concrete is being placed.

He should have a supply of suitable materials such as props, bolts etc. to handle dangerous situations.

Grout loss is an indication that joints were not tight or some...

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