Removing tree roots without stump grinder


A tree has been felled and its wood removed, but the rest still sits there, firmly rooted in the ground. What you need now is a strategy for removing tree stumps. What is the best way to solve this landscaping problem?

You can hire someone with a stump grinder, but that's expensive. Or you can rent one from a rental center and do it yourself, but that has two major disadvantages:

Stump grinders are heavy.And they are dangerous.

Another method is the manual one, which entails literally removing the tree stump (the grinding and chemical methods result in disintegration rather than in literal removal). Manual removal is cheap but has two drawbacks:

It is labor-intensive.After you remove the stump, what do you do with it? Not all towns will pick up stumps along with the trash (check first).

Below I present a brief explanation of the manual way, but this article will focus on another cheap alternative that has the added benefit of being easy: the chemical method. But...

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There are several stump removal products; commonly, potassium nitrate (salt peter) works best, but sodium pyrosulfite also works. Drill 5 or 6 holes in the stump and pour in about 1 lb of salt peter (if it's larger maybe you need more). Pour in water, or let it rain in for about a month. This allows the salt peter to be completely absorbed by the stump and roots... it needs to work all the way though the wood.

Then cover it in kerosene and charcoal briquettes. Light it up and it will burn out completely. When done properly it will burn out the roots and all. takes about 3 to 4 days to finish burning larger stumps.

Edit- Stump grinding usually only removes the surface of the stump. Most of it will probably still be there under the ground. But regardless, you can also drill into the offending root, which from what you describe, sounds like is over 10 inches thick. This will save you quite a bit of digging. It may take a little longer, but a lot less labor. I suppose the...

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1. The first step is your decision on which technique to use for tree stump removal. If you opt for manual tree stump removal, use a mattock. Its broad end allows you to dig around the stump; the other end functions as an axe for chopping your way through tree roots. Dig and chop your way under the rootball to the taproot. For large tree stump removal, taproots may be imposing enough to require cutting with a full-size axe.

2. The rest of this article focuses on another method for tree stump removal, which is essentially a way to hasten the natural processes that would eventually break down the stump anyhow – even if you didn’t lift a finger. But nature's tree stump removal technique is terribly slow. To hurry nature along, you’ll be supplying 2 ingredients in unnatural quantities to speed up the rotting process: nitrogen and water. Tree stump removal will still be slow this way, but it's an improvement over nature.

3. But first, using a chain saw, cut the stump down as...

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When it comes to removing stumps from your property, you have two main options: You can rent a stump grinder and remove them yourself, or you can hire a local company to come out and do it for you. The course of action that’s right for you will depend on a few things. For example, if you provide a professional service (such as tree or stump removal) and plan on grinding many stumps, then buying a stump grinder is probably a good idea, both economically and professionally. If you’re not a professional, then you can use a small stump grinder to remove a small stump, and it shouldn’t cost too much to rent one for the day. However if you’re not a professional, if there are large stumps, or if you have several stumps that need to be grinded, it’s probably best to use a stump grinding service instead. Read the rest of our guide below for more details.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want a stump...

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Use the hydraulic lever to raise the grinder wheel a few inches above the stump. Drive the machine forward to position the wheel directly over the stump's front edge. Start the wheel spinning and slowly lower it about 3 in. into the stump. Use the hydraulic lever to slowly swing the wheel from side to side to clear out the wood. After you've dug down at least 4 in., raise the wheel, advance the machine a few inches, and repeat the process. While operating the machine, always stand at the control panel, which is located near the rear of the machine and well away from the cutting wheel.

Little by little, continue to grind your way through to the other side of the stump. Stop and check to make sure that the freshly dug hole is at least 4 in. below the ground. Rake up all the wood chips and fill the crater with screened topsoil.

Tamp down and lightly rake the soil. Spread out an even layer of grass seed, and then rake the seeds into the soil. Water the area and cover the...

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Need to remove tree stumps or tree roots professionally? Then you are in the right place, because we use our stump cutters (also called a root cutter, stump grinder, stump grinder or rhizome tiller) with the appropriate technique, which eliminates any snag on your property in no time. Indeed, when undertaking tree removal or tree cuttings one must not be missing this device to ensure residue-free removal of the rootstock. To get a concrete offer for the use of our stump grinder, we ask you to make an enquiry using our form. We will then get in contact with you to clarify your needs further. We are looking forward to your contact. Below you will find more information about stump cutters and how to cut a tree stump and tree roots.

What is a stump grinder or root cutter?

When speaking of a stump grinder, we mean a forestry or garden work unit that serves to remove tree stumps or tree roots. This technique is used mainly for tree felling application, since the stumps...

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Tree stumps can be referred to as the esthetic blemishes present in the garden landscape. The systems used to remove any tree stump depends largely on the size and age of the tree. Luckily, there are various methods that can be used to remove a range of tree stumps present in your home garden, without any need to experience the cost of a professional tree stump removal company.

Here we are going to discuss four ways to remove the tree stumps.
Digging out the tree stump
Grinding the tree stump
Burning the stump
Chemical tree stump remover

If you recently cut down any tree in your yard, there are many ways you can use to get rid of the stumps that are unpleasant. You can dig it up by hand, use the grinding method, burning method, chemical stump remover method. It is advisable to use the method/technique that works best for the root system you’re dealing with. Please check the methods and learn how to remove your tree stump.


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Once a tree has been removed, the stump left behind may need to be removed as well. Often, once the bulk of the tree is gone the stump will decompose and return its nutrients to the soil. However, this can take a great deal of time while leaving you with an unsightly stump to deal with. As part of our Tree Removal service, TREEMASTERS can grind and remove the stump with our specialized stump grinding equipment. TREEMASTERS uses high-powered, quality stump grinding equipment manufactured by Vermeer Inc., Rayco Manufacturing, Dosko and Terex.

At your request, a TREEMASTERS I.S.A. Certified Arborist will include our Stump Grinding and Removal service in your estimate for tree removal. To schedule an appointment, please call our office or Request A Free Tree Care Estimate.


Q: Why Should A Stump Be Removed?

A: Typically, a stump is removed for aesthetic reasons after the tree has been removed. However, some trees are removed due...

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There are various types of stump grinders, from the heavy-duty type that are driven to smaller hand-pushed ones. This power tool is used to grind tree stumps, and a contractor is generally called upon for this purpose. You may have removed a small tree from your garden including the base. A stump grinder suitable for consumer use is a valuable tool for removing the remaining roots.

Familiarize yourself with the operation of your stump grinder and make sure you are confident in its use. Clear the ground in the area you will be working on to ensure it does not contain foreign objects, such as wire or stones.

Lock the hand brake according to the instructions of your grinder. For example, pull the brake lever and slide the lock forward to release the lever.

Start the engine and move the grinder into place over the area to be drilled. Hold the throttle lever down to start the cutter action.

Lower the cutter into the ground slowly to remove the roots. Follow...

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After cutting down a tree, the tree stumps are an ugly aftermath. They are quite hectic to remove manually, and many opt to use stump grinders. One may opt to do the activity on their own or hire a company with the specialization in stump grinding and tree root removal. The process involves removing the stump and then the tree woot. All these efforts seek to maintain an even ground for the new growth of trees or none thereof. Stump grinders are the most efficient technology of their right that performs the activity fairly efficiently.

Depending on the frequency of need for Tree Root Removal Utah, there are some ways that a stump grinder may be obtained for use. For frequent removal of tree stumps, one ought to buy a stump grinder. To avoid counterfeit products, one has to buy the machine from a legal seller. This act will eliminate the cost of frequent renting of grinders from a respective company. The owner of the property can go on with the stump grinding...

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Use a Digging Spade Instead of a Stump Grinder for Landscape Maintenance and Garden Design

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We all like attractive landscaping, especially the components that are functional as well as beautiful, like fruit trees. Unfortunately, they have a finite life span and eventually must come down.

This article explains how to remove a tree stump easily without using a stump grinder. It s simply a matter of methodically trenching around the stump and cutting out the roots with a nursery digging spade and a utility bar.

Removing a Tree Stump

Many people find out that that cute tree they planted years ago is now a monster and the spreading roots are threatening expensive home foundation repairs.

That problematic tree in the yard has been cut down and you ve hauled away all the branches....

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Is there a tree stump in your yard that you’ve been meaning to have removed?

Stumps can be an unsightly blemish
on an otherwise stately landscape. We can help you restore your
property to its full glory.With our top
of the line stump grinding machines, we can remove any unsightly stump from anywhere on your property. Let us know what you have in mind for the area of the stump and we can help you determine the best course of action.

What happens to the roots?
Stump grinding concentrates on removing the main stump bole, but we can also grind down any prominent lateral roots if required. Removing the roots will produce more spoil and ground disturbance. The old tree roots will remain underground, but without the stump they will rot in time. As certified arborists, we can discuss the pros and cons of this at the site survey.

What's left of the stump after we leave?
We will leave the site neat and tidy for you. Unless you plan to...

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About Us Boots Tree Services is a fully qualified and fully insured tree surgery business providing the highest quality tree care on the gold coast and tweed shire. Owner and founder Tymon Boot began Boots Tree Services with the concept of providing a higher quality tree trimming services alternative to other tree trimming service companies without the inflated price tag .


Stump Removal & Tree root grinding Services With our latest and advanced stump removal machines and tree removal Gold Coast services you can get the stump removed without any hassle. Our expert professionals make sure that all the mulch is put back into the hole. An effective way of removing tree stumps is to grind it down 150-300mm below ground level. Stump removal is the professional way to have your tree stumps removed safely without leaving any hazardous pieces behind. Tree root grinding also prevents regrowth or termites in...
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Tree Stump Grinding Removal in Cobb County, Georgia

Non-chemical removal of tree stumps and roots

We are tree stump removal and root removal specialists. After removal of a tree, you might want the stump removed. Stumps detract from your property's good looks, they can also be a hazard if not properly ground down. The most effective and efficient means of doing this is with a stump grinder. Our stump grinding equipment has the additional capabilities to grind and remove tree roots.

Some root removal companies remove only roots sticking up above the ground, we grind deep to remove the entire root structure. By totally removing the stump and roots your yard is safer and it's easier to grow grass or plant gardens.

Tree Stump Removal Got You Stumped?

After a tree has been cut and felled, the tree stump is the small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still in the ground. Once a tree is cut down and removed, you need to...

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Select an herbicide.

Herbicides that contain glyphosate or triclopyr amine are effective at killing trees and available at garden stores.


Your species may respond to one of these more than the other. For example, glyphosate may do a better job controlling Russian olive, while triclopyr is the better choice for locust, maple, oak, and willow.

[29]Triclopyr amine should work at concentrations of 8.8%.[30] For glyphosate, try to find a concentration of about 40%, then dilute with an equal amount of water. If that isn't available, apply undiluted product with at least 20% concentration.[31] Herbicides containing 2,4-D, dicamba, or picloram are risky, as they may spread to nearby vegetation and kill it as well. This shouldn't happen with careful application of glyphosate or...
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Three Parts:Choosing the Right RootsDigging Up the RootsCutting and Removing the RootsCommunity Q&A

Tree roots can sometimes be unsightly in our yards, causing us to want to dig up them up. Other times, they can become dangerous, such as when a tree is growing too close to a foundation of a house or is damaging underground pipes. However, digging up tree roots isn't as simple as using a shovel to dig a hole. Digging up too many roots or the wrong roots can actually kill the tree, which may cause you to remove the tree entirely. Luckily, if you follow the correct procedures, take the right precautions, and use the right techniques, you can safely dig up a tree's roots without killing the...

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There are 5 basic methods for tree stump removal. Once a tree is cut down, the remainder of the trunk and the roots will eventually die and begin to decay, but that can take time you don't want to waste. You may have several good reasons for wanting to eliminate the stump as soon as possible, but removing a tree stump is no easy task.

TIP: A popular method of stump removal involves hooking the stump up to a pickup truck and driving like crazy. Bad idea! This method has been known to seriously damage cars while leaving stumps basically intact.

1. Chemical Tree Stump Removal

There are several chemical products available at home garden centers that assist in and hasten the rotting of a dead tree stump. Most products make use of potassium nitrate to expedite the decomposition process. Chemical fertilizers high in nitrogen produce bacterial growth that will facilitate the gradual decay, which makes the stump become easier to remove. In each case, holes are...

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What is stump removal? How is the tree stump removed?

Stump Solution has a turf-friendly specialized machine that will grind your stump 8 -12 inches below ground level. When we are done, you will be left with wood chips/ mulch.

The machine does NOT pull the tree stump out of the ground.

What happens to the tree roots?

Exposed surface roots may also be ground out, however there may be an additional cost.

Questions we may ask you before we start:

• Is your stump located in the front or backyard?

• Does access to the stump include a gate at least 36” wide?

• Does access to the stump include any steps or grade changes?

• Is the stump cut to ground level? How high is the stump off the ground?

• What type of tree was removed?

• Are there any exposed surface roots that need to be removed?

• What is the diameter of the stump at the last chainsaw cut?

What happens if my...

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Narrow Access? No problem!

Terrace house with narrow access entry? Our new Bandit, narrow access stump grinder is only 25” wide so tight squeezes are not a problem. Plus this specialist piece of machinery has all the power of our larger grinder so we can work on sizeable stumps with poor access just as effectively!

Our larger stump grinder at 35” wide is perfect for large stumps with good access and can remove them efficiently and safety. We can grind to depth of 1’ depending on the site surface.

Where does the stump go?

During the stump grinding process, the stump is literally ground into small chippings, which gradually mixes in with soil as we grind below the surface. It is worth noting that we don’t take this by product away, but it can be used to back fill the hole and to mulch the garden, working especially well as a weak suppressant. Please note that we recommend stumps with honey fungus are disposed in land fill to avoid spreading the disease...

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As a homeowner, you may at one time or another be faced with the prospect of having to remove one or various trees from your property. Getting rid of these damaged or diseased structures also involves tree stump removal. There are various techniques you can use for removing these objects from your yard. The following explains more about the removal process and provides some insight into the different methods available for tree stump removal.

What Is Stump Removal?

There are many reasons why you may want to have a tree removed from your premises. Over time these structures grow old and lose their visual appeal. Sometimes they contract diseases that cause branches and leaves to rot, giving them an extremely unsightly appearance. When this happens, it’s best to have them taken out by experts to make room for new foliage to be planted. Removal often entails cutting the structure down several feet off the ground, leaving the base behind. If you are planning to use this...

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