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There are three pieces to this problem here. What will the permiting authority accept? If the inspector says he will approve your renovation without upgrading the existing HVAC system or adding a supplemental unit, then make sure you get that in writ
First, let's draw this out. You'll have a rectangle with 9 on the left side and 12 on the top. Make sure to draw the diagonal and label is "2x - 11
I am about to close on the purchase of a small (1000sqft) cottage which, although it is habitable, is in desperate need of some tender love & care. I am an avid DIY nut and have have already done some significant renovations to my previous house
Walls don't need to breathe--people do! What these people mean is that it is important for walls to be able to dry out when they get wet; that they should not trap moisture. This is true, but is only orthogonally related to "breathability. " In pract
My house was built in 1928, its an old Milwaukee bungalow. I have a small cantilever overhang in the front of my house. That area gets pretty cold in the winter, so I wanted to investigate insulating it
Follow internal walls up through your structure. Starting at the basement (or, if you don't have one, the first floor), locate your internal walls, which, as you can probably guess, are the walls inside your four external walls. Follow each internal