Questions about: repainting

Stripping wall paper can be a difficult time consuming job it can be made far easier if you use the correct tools
Not waiting between coats would be the cause, 6 to 8-hours is the usual wait for normal evenly rolled-on coats. But, with top-quality paints like Behr or Valspar I wait a day, because of rare lift-off issues. They take a month after that to cure &
Occasionally I paint a rock outside and would like it to be unaffected by weather as well as needing to be repainted for a while. I was looking into hydrophobic spray - and was wondering if anyone could confirm it would work for my needs or suggest a
Zinsser’s Fate In the BalanceYou know these jobs… they’re nasty and you just want one product to tackle jobs like these with ease because who has free time to recoat things. When I drove out to another paint contractors job to shoot some photos, I lo
The original Kool Deck is a proprietary concrete/limestone surface treatment for concrete surfaces. The porous properties of the limestone in the mix allow the coating to take maximum advantage of natural evaporative cooling (the assumption being tha
if you want a brushed finish (like many aluminum panels) rub very lightly with a scotchbrite pad in the same direction as the grain you are trying to match. done!.
Double sided tape has a drawback. Well, it has two drawbacks. It falls off when you least want it to do so
You say it's an old house. I suppose that if the siding was practically at the end of it's rope, plastering it with wood filler might extend its life a few years. I helped replace the siding on an old barn once that was practically plastered with put
Do I need to sand or is a good wash down enough? Or maybe a liquid sander? A good wash, followed by a thorough drying, followed by a light sanding with fine grit sand paper to rough up the existing surface. Sanding ensures the new paint will get a go