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Get the Plumber back. He may have just cleaned, flushed &/or adjusted the Mixer & not replaced it. But, it sounds like you have a Pressure-Balancing valve instead of a Thermostatic valve
My garage has a 17' 2x8 ridge beam. The roof is a V, lowest in the center, with 2x4 rafters nailed to the sides of this ridge piece. At some point the roof drain clogged, the roof turned into a swimming pool, and this ridge board/beam cracked/tore in
I had a custom wood door installed, but the door frame of this door was made 1 inch two small on each side of the door opening. The contractor used some wood screws to keep the door frame aligned with the door opening. Now in between the cap of the f
The 3. 5 cu ft Whirlpool GVW9959K is a unique washing machine that is Energy Star Qualified. It features the Calypso technology which helps prevent piling, shrinking and provides excellent stain removal
I want to repair an old window myself. I also know that window replacement is not an easy job for any non-professional in this field. If I could get a video on this - it would help me learn the basics
OverviewYou’re surrounded by tools and machines made out of steel. And when the coatings on those products crack, rust starts to bloom and the battle is on. You can attack rust early and nip it in the bud, or you can wait until you have a full-blown
Depends on the reason it's not heating. You don't give much info, so we'll go thru the possibilities. If it's running, that is the drum turns around, but no heat, then there's a possibility, if you have fuses, that one of them is blown
The vast amount of stress on vertical (and steeply angled) members is compression, and splits are very common without significant degradation of structural integrity, especially in cedar. Having said that, the break does go pretty far along a notched
I have a small building on my property that is about 15ft by 10ft. The building sits on a slope that runs downhill sort of at an angle from one front corner to the opposite back corner. It sits on an odd foundation (at least odd in my experience)
I've installed the new jamb, however the new jamb appears to bow a bit, and goes in quite a bit at the bottom. I haven't screwed it down yet, or shimmed it, I wanted a second set of eyes (and 3rd, 4th, 100th) to make sure I didn't do something wrong.