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Q: When we bought our 1942 house nine years ago, it came with a brick retaining wall 35 feet long and 4
Welcome to our gallery featuring living rooms with ceiling fans! Ceiling fans are pretty underrated. They hang around, unnoticed, doing their job and pushing air around. But they can also be the perfect things to top off a room
Personally, I would replace this tub; Tubs are cheap, relatively speaking, and if you have a large crack that's flexing, it may indicate impending failures elsewhere in the tub (part of the tub already couldn't handle the stresses). The major problem
I have, what seems like a trivial question. How on earth do you measure the size of a head casing? I measured as it shows in this picture, going from the bottom side of the 45's. I measured my door (several times now because I thought I was insane) a
First off -- the only guarantees found in North American electrical code are that neutrals are white or grey (but not all whites are neutral) and grounds are green, green/yellow striped, or bare. Things that are neither ground nor neutral can be any
We Recommend Using Only NIKRO HEPA Vacuum Cleaners With Spinning Turbo Carpet Brushes! The New Law (PDF)Starting April 22, 2010 all contractors must follow new EPA lead safe practice guidelines for disturbing or removing lead paint in homes, child ca
If suddenly your dishwasher is leaking water, we have a checklist of what to check to fix it yourself. There can only be a number of things that can make your dishwasher leak. The leak may be coming from either the front of the dishwasher or from a c
Cleaning PVC furniture can be challenging at times. Baked on sun screen, dirt mixed in with dried rain and food can really.
Sand them flat (or even slightly dished). Apply joint tape to any cracks (my personal preference is mesh, though you'll find lots of opinions). Apply all purpose joint compound in numerous thin coats
Hey guys and gals, I hope this is the right place for this. I know it's not a huge do it yourself project but I need help fixing this table and I'm not very smart when it comes to nuts, washers and screws. I have a table and each leg gets 2 big screw