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I have a toilet which was both running and leaking and I tried to fix it myself. I replaced the fill valve, the flush valve and the main gasket, all with items from Home Depot. Home Depot had one model of everything, all cheap plastic, so there was n
I am not a uPVC expert but been in window business all my life and I do not think there is any type of filler or resin that you can use that will be invisible after the repair. Even if you did use something to fill in the holes, when it comes sanding
Plumber's putty would be used to attach the drain cover to the sink. It creates a blockage and suctions both pieces together. It should be a ring of plumber's putty, when smashed is maybe a 1/2" wide
First, Watch this youtube video: Scissor Sharpening - with Paul Sellers It's 17 minutes long, but if you keep watching he gives lot's of good information about working on scissors. You really must watch all of it. Now, I totally agree with MK
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My friend gave my his old gazebo frame as the canvas has worn out and replacing it was equivalent to the cost of getting a new one. It is 10x10 feet. I bought a medium duty green brown tarp to cover the top of it
Resources:Troubleshoot household electrical problems Larger image Install new Boxes Resources:How to install switch box Motion sensor switchesWiring varies widely by brand and model number, wire color, and applicationSome motion detectors replace sin
I have a fiat stilo 1. 2 16v 52 reg - I posted on here a few weeks ago and I was advised that from my symptoms, my head gasket was needing replaced (milky oil, loss of power etc). I have had the head gasket replaced, although the oil filter wasn't ch
TL;DR Can I fix the sag by slowly jacking up the ridge, simultaneously tightening some steel cables attached to the top of each wall? Measuring between the top of the wall and the top of the ridge, I see about a 3. 75" dip in the middle. Details I ha
Setting Posts Using Temporary Bridging. With your level string-line in place, you can now measure down to the edge of the hole. Let’s say its 4-feet from the level string line to the hole