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We just bought a house and were pulling some nails left over from what was probably crown moulding. The nails had been painted over and some of the paint came off with the nails. I peeled off a bit more to see if I could find a good place to sand and
[1] Lath has expanded to mean any type of backing material for plaster including a metal wire mesh or expanded metal that is applied to a wood or metal framework as matrix over which stucco or plaster is applied and wallboard products called gypsum o
I live in Ohio in a home built in 1926. I do not believe the front porch is that old. The porch is L shape, wrapping around the house and is 24 X 8' in the front extending another 14' back, with same 8' foot depth
You have what is known as a "multi-wire branch circuit", where two otherwise independent circuits share the same neutral return back to the electrical panel. Wiring the GFCIs in a naive manner won't help you here, because in a shared neutral situatio
I have a built-in dishwasher, just below a kitchen worksurface made of Melamine Faced Chipboard. Steam released when opening the dishwasher at the end of a cycle has started to cause the chipboard to delaminate. There is an aluminium protection strip
Hinged-Tetro: A self-reconfigurable module for nested reconfiguration Blocks 1 [Fig. 5(left-top)], 3 [Fig. 5(right- bottom)], and 4 [Fig