Repairing (Aesthetically) a rusty washing machine and dryer


I agree with Ed Beal. If you want them back to Like New you'll need a can or 2 of Auto Stripper from an Auto Parts store. But, you'll treat the rust the same whether you strip them or not.

If the rust is light then a putty scraper to remove the paint blisters & an S.O.S. pad or steel wool will take that away to get you back to bare metal. Or, best is to use a wire brush on a drill to get all of the rust spots back to shiny clean metal, this will open the paint blisters too.

Then, it's just a really stinky re-painting, no primer needed. So, good ventilation & a large drop cloth with at least a 3-foot (6-foot preferred) clear perimeter are needed. The below Appliance Epoxy is unbeatable & the spray version will get you factory results. Stay away from the lidded can version.

Finally, you'll need to address before or after the above, all of this excess moisture in the basement. If it's just the dryer venting into that area, then stop that nonsense immediately....

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Do you have a rusty washing machine (or other rusted objects around the house)?

Living in coastal areas, especially right near the ocean, can mean metal objects tend to go rusty very quickly.

But there’s no need to throw them away. Rust can be removed and metal painted to prevent further rusting.

Our washing machine lid had gotten rusty, particularly the bottom/back where the water drips down once the lid is opened.

We thought we were doing the right thing by keeping the lid open and airing the washing machine out, only to have the lid rust.

And lately, in every wash, little bits of rust would fall in and stain our clothes.

Rust is hard to get out of clothes, so I’ve learned the hard way.

Apart from the rusty lid, there’s nothing wrong with the washing machine, so treating the rust and repairing the lid was an obvious choice.

(By the way, my washing machine lid is not usually dirty like it is in the picture, I forgot to take a...

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I have an “antique” washing machine — it was made in 1995 and has served me well for almost 20 years. At one point I had a home warranty and it broke down and was $7 short of being replaced, but instead the bearings were replaced.

I have always been good about leaving the door up on my top loading machine after using it so it could dry out. But I started noticing rust spots on some of my clothes and realized it was rusting around the plastic insert for the bleach dispenser. I finally pulled the dispenser out and was appalled by the amount of rust.

This photo is after I had scraped the peeling paint so it really looks bad. I found a video online that showed how easy it was to remove the cabinet so I removed the control panel and popped the cabinet off. It’s in a small room so I couldn’t pull it all the way off, so I leaned it forward against the wall.

When I looked underneath I found the entire front rim of the cabinet had rust, but the rust around the...

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For a reliable pair of laundry machines on a budget, this set from Whirlpool is a top choice. Designed with savings in mind, both the washer and dryer have settings built-in to improve efficiency and save you time and money.

On the washer, you can take advantage of load sensing technology to avoid wasting unnecessary water on smaller loads. Though the drum is only 3.5 cubic feet, many users report that it holds a surprising amount of laundry.

Moving over to the dryer, select the AccuDry setting to... automatically stop the cycle when clothes are dry and ready for folding. And if you don’t get to the laundry room right away, an optional Wrinkle Shield setting will periodically tumble the clothes to prevent pesky wrinkles from becoming a problem. Each of these features translates into savings on water, energy, and time.

If you want to enjoy basic laundry functions without sacrificing several thousand dollars, stick with this budget washer and dryer pair. You’ll...

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Fill the tub with hot water

Fill your washing machine tub with hot water tub to its highest capacity. Use the hottest temperature setting. Add 1 quart of chlorine bleach to the hot water.

Run the wash, rinse and spin cycles

Run the washing machine on the longest wash, rinse and spin cycles available.

Refill the tub with hot water

Fill the tub of the washing machine with hot water again. Make sure you use the settings for the largest load and hottest water. Add 1 quart of distilled white vinegar to the water.

Run the wash, rinse and spin cycles again

Run the washing machine on the longest wash, rinse and spin cycles.

Clean the dispensers

Clean the dispensers using heated white vinegar. Soak removable dispensers, and pour hot vinegar in the ones you cannot remove. Run the washing machine using normal settings and cycles.

Inspect for rust

Using a flashlight, search for the areas of rust.

Use the repair kit as directed

Use the washer drum repair kit...

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If I only have you for 3 seconds, remember this: Buy a top-loading, Whirlpool made, washing machine. (2010 models or older. DO NOT BUY newer Whirlpool washers that have LED lights under the timer, they are junk.) Yes, I said top loading. This is the advice I tell my closest friends and family. It’s been the conclusion of my experience of buying and selling thousands of appliances over these past years. If you need more proof, go to any used appliance store and see what kind of washers they sell, and also which brands they carry.

New resource! We have just made our popular appliance repair course available for as low as $12.50/mo. This course will go over everything you could want to know about washers and dryers whether your a homeowner looking to buy and maintain your own machines or someone looking to make extra cash or start your own business. Check it out at

UPDATE for 2017: Where should you buy your used washing machine?

For a long...

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Where most common leaks occur

Figure A: Common leak locations

These are the six most-commons places for washing machine leaks.

Figure A shows where the most common washer leaks occur. We cover hose, pump and tub leaks, but there may be additional problem areas specific to your brand of machine. There are two types of wash machine repair: belt drive and direct drive. If you open up the cabinet and don’t find any belts, then you’ve got a direct-drive machine. Repairs are similar for both machines, but generally easier on the direct-drive unit. The following photos are from a belt-drive washing machine. If you have a direct drive, refer to your owner’s manual or diagrams (see “Buying Parts”) for brand-specific details.

Tip: Make sure the water on the floor isn’t the result of a plugged floor drain. It happens!

Replace leaky supply hoses

Unscrew the water supply hoses

Turn off the water main or shutoff valve and unscrew the supply...

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My washing machine is making a burning smell!

A burning smell from the washing machine or indeed any electrical appliance indicates that the item is either about to break down or is imminently dangerous. You should therefore turn off the washing machine at the wall and take the plug out if you notice any strange smells and leave it turned off and unplugged until you have repaired it.

If the smell is coming from the appliance itself, then unplug it immediately. If the burning smell is coming from a plug or from the plug socket, then turn the power off and wait until the plug has cooled down before you unplug it.

We would recommend that you do not attempt to repair a washing machine yourself unless you are already experienced with electrical repairs and appliance repairs; washing machine motors can retain a lethal amount of static electricity, even when they have been unplugged for a while.

Washing machine drums typically spin with the assistance of a...

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Last updated on February 6th, 2017

Many people want to know if it is better to buy a separate washing machine and tumble dryer or a combined washer dryer. Separate appliances are definitely best. A combined washer and dryer will always be a compromise as explained in this article, but they wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have good reason to exist.

Separate Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer is Best

Washing and tumble drying are two totally separate jobs, which need different sized drums. To wash laundry the clothes need to rub against each other so a washing machine's drum size is designed for this to happen. But to tumble dry clothes they need plenty of space to be able to open up and fall through the hot air. This is why a tumble dryer has a much larger drum than a washing machine.

Even though these days it's possible to buy washing machines with really large drums you still need to have less laundry in to tumble dry than the washing machine is capable of...

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Your washer and dryer are indispensible, and replacing them is expensive. Cleaning your washer and dryer and taking proper care of them will help prolong their lives and keep them in good running order.

Maintaining a washing machine

To clean tub interiors, use pure citric acid crystals, which you can find in grocery stores and drugstores. Fill your main soap cup and then run the washer. Doing so removes mineral deposits, lime, and soap buildup, all of which affect the pump’s operation.

If you find rust stains inside the tub, try a professionally installed plastic tub liner before considering replacement. You can make temporary patch-ups on small nicks in the porcelain where rusting occurs with a dab or two of enamel paint or clear nail polish. A better solution is a porcelain repair kit made for bathtubs, available at your local hardware store.

If your water outlet hose drains into a laundry basin, cover the end with an old nylon stocking. Doing so...

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With over three decades fo hard-earned experience maintaining and repairing home appliances, Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair are experts at knowing when it’s time to replace your washing machine and have the expert advice on what brand and model is best for you and your budget. Read below for helpful hints on how to choose a new washing machine.

Purchase Cost vs Efficiency

In our experience, most top-loading washers that cost less than $500 don’t wash as well, use more energy or water, don’t hold as much, or are tougher on laundry than more expensive models. Furthermore, an inefficient machine can cost an added $130 or more to operate per year than our most efficient models.

Front loaders, in general, are the better types when it comes to energy and water use. Front-loading washers fill only partly with water. They clean clothes by lifting them to the top of the tub and dropping them back into the water. They work best with low-foaming, high-efficiency...

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