Replaced blower motor, now have vibration noise


Plumber installed a new Bradford White 75 gallon gas water heater with power vent. The first blower motor started a high-pitched whine/squeal (bad bearing?) approx 6 months after install. Motor was replaced, and it was fine for a month. New motor started loud HUMMING noise (not squealing, as before) a week later. Replaced that one, too. Third motor is now in place and also humming immediately after install.

I suspect the humming, which can be heard on the second floor, is similar to what a previous poster mentioned (harmonic resonance hum in PVC). The PVC vibrates, and I'm wondering if it is transferring this noise through the floor (which is our living room) joists. The plumber had also exchanged metal straps for plastic j-hooks because he thought that might help the vibration noise, but that made the humming worse. Any ideas on how to deal with this? It's not just an annoyance; you can feel the vibration through the living room floor.

Everything is within code in...

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Broan exhaust fan makes horrid vibration noise..

Help. I recently replaced the fan motor and wheel for a Broan model 162 bathroom exhaust fan.

The installation went fine, I went down to my local groovers and picked up the replacement parts.

Now the fan no longer makes an unhappy noise, but it seems like the metal housing is vibrating like all hell. Any ideas?

Make sure the little flap that serves as a check valve to let the air exit is functioning correctly. If it's not working correctly the air pressure could be causing the vibration.

It moves... I have no idea if it's working right ...

Is the fan blade metal and possibly bent during repairs? Is the fan blade clean? Are you positive you tightened everything good?

The fan wheel is plastic. It's clean as a whistle because it's new. Snug as a bug. It seems that the more I snug things down, the worst it becomes.

One set screw or two on the fan hub? If two, try backing one off...

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GE ECM 1/15 blower motor vibration/noise The GE ECM blower motor on my 1999 American Standard is emitting a loud vibrating noise that carries throughout the house.
It even carries into the garage through the exhaust tubing. A recent visit by a repairman ended with his "fix": He attached a plastic strap to stop the vibrating noise that he said was coming from a loose plastic cover. Result: even louder noise and vibration. Advice?
Is there anything I can do short of replacing the motor? Have you checked the blower wheel real good to make sure there's nothing inside of it? I have found countless things in blower wheels causing noise. Thanks for the quick reply. No, I haven't checked it (not sure how). The service guy did clean the furnace of dust, etc....Could he have dislodged something that got into the blower...
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07 Camry – NOISY BLOWER MOTOR (motor brushes) – Toyota Nation

Furnace blower overly noisy? AOP Residential HVAC They believed it was either the blower motor or the main floor return was My AC blower/fan stopped working. After doing some searching the solution was to either have it replaced or give it a good whack. (aside from checking • Broken blower wheel • Out of balance blower wheel • Broken motor mount • Bad motor bearings • Noisy transformer • Noisy refrigerant check valve

Loud Blower Motor? – Subaru Outback – Subaru Outback Forums

Blower motor is noisy as in requiring lubrication. How is the best and easiest procedure top remove blower motor? My blower motor is getting louder and louder over the past few months. I already installed the cover per the TSB about noise, but that only worked for My blower motor is getting pretty bad, and has been pretty bad for a few years now actually (I hardly drive the car, especially in winter), but...

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Allow me to tell you all a story.

I owned a 2010 EX-L sedan. My first (and only winter) with it, I noticed the blower motor was making excessive noise. I brought it in. Dealership told me the blower motor was going - they replaced it. It was noticeably quieter. However, five days later, it got loud again. This time, the same dealership told me it was "normal" even though they told me they found the blower motor was defective.

Fast-forward to today, and my 2012 Si is even louder. I cannot believe how loud the noise of it is - I have never heard a vehicle with a fan so loud, and it certainly does nothing for the already questionable "quality" of the 2012 Civic compared to the others in class. For those who may not know, it almost sounds like a high-pitched, electrical humming (think back to the old Gateway 2000 computers that had a loud fan buzzing sound as they got older). It is obnoxiously loud at the lowest setting, though you can hear it throughout the spectrum of fan...

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1997 Buick Century Custom 3.8L V6, 106,500miles
The blower motor rusted and was making horrible groaning/squeaking noises. I removed it and purchased a Siemens replacement part. The replacement part did not have the GM standard female connector plug end, only 2 wires, one red, one black. Inside the car the wires were purple and black terminating in the male plug end.

I assumed black would connect to black, and I managed to pull the old female plug connector off of the other blower I removed. I believe I connected the old plug correctly to the new part's wires (soldered, red to "+" and black to "-"), however now the air conditioning vibrates a lot more on highest setting than the old blower motor (lower settings are ok).

I used the rubber gasket from the old motor to mount the new part. And everything is back in place correctly and tightened down, so I do not believe it's a mounting problem. The only thing I can figure is I may have put the plug on backwards,...

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Oil Free Centrifugal Turbo Blower, permanent magnet motor, low noise

About ATB

Air foil centrifugal blower has air foil bearings, precisely cast impeller, and motor of high speed and high efficiency kind. Lubrication system is not required because there’s no physical contact between the shaft and bearing. The blower is featured of high efficiency, energy conservation, low noise, reliable performance and long service life without need of maintenance.



Air foil bearing Direct connection without gear 100% no oil system No vibration Low noise Anti-surge Wide scope of capacity and pressure adjustment Less maintenance Compact structure Optimized design

Key Technology

1. Air Foil bearing

Air foil bearing is lubricated by air buoyancy. The use of air instead of lubricant can realize operation under higher temperature and speed. The advantages of air foil bearing structure include flexible...

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The blower motor controls air flow into the passenger cabin in conjunction with the blower motor resistor (final stage). It is mounted in the heater housing behind the right side of the dashboard. The blower motor speed is adjusted via the HVAC control panel through the blower motor final stage. The HVAC control panel receives a request from the driver or passenger, then sends a serial data signal to the blower motor final stage unit to the blower motor.

If your blower motor fails and replacing the final stage unit has not remedied the problem, the blower motor itself is likely at fault. Over time, a blower motor may become noisy as the motor electrical contacts wear. I have also seen debris from a rodent get trapped in the blower cage creating a vibration or noise. If your blower is noisy, pull it down and see if there is something stuck in it. If you find debris, be sure to clean out the HAVC housing before installing the new blower motor.

If you're not sure which...

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I believe I did pay about $85.00 for my new blower wheel. Mine mounts the same as yours, directly to the motor shaft, the motor supported in the blower cage housing with rubber bushings and the whole thing slides into the sheet metal tracks, which are a bit flimsy, the sheet metal is barely heavy enough to support the weight of the motor and blower. I had to drive about 27 miles each way to pick up the blower, it wasn't available locally. I did notice the inner rubber bushing holes were egg shaped, and I attempted to buy new. If I remember correctly, they weren't available locally either, so since I already had everything apart with the new cage in hand when I noticed the bad bushings, I rotated them 90 degrees and reinstalled them. So far, the new cage and the rubber motor mount bushings being rotated has worked.

Since I did both at the same time, I don't know which helped more? I had forgotten about the bushings until I read one of the other posts. I had tried putting...

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My wife’s 2005 Ponitac Vibe would occasionally refuse to control the cabin temperature. We could feel a little bit of coldness (or hotness) near the vents on a really hot (or cold) day. The symptoms ended up pointing to the blower motor. I did some research and it appears that this is a fairly common component to wear out. Additionally, there is a resistor that controls the speed of the motor that fails over time. So I decided to take on this project to save some serious labor bucks. In the spirit of sharing knowledge, I took pictures while replacing these parts so anyone else taking on this project will have a simple document to guide them.

Here is a picture of the new blower, drain tube, and grommet:

and here is the resistor (still covered in bubble wrap):

The first step is to remove the ground connection from the battery:

Next, remove the glove box. The globe box just sits in a grove in the dash so it basically just lifts right out...

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I found my fix by accident, and this is one i haven't seen anywhere.
I noticed one of the two sheet metal screws came out harder than the other as if it had tension on it. This was on the left side, the side of the motor. Mine has an outer motor...i noticed some are set inside the unit.
After i cleaned it and put it back in...the screws went in better. Then when i went to hook the ground back up...I realized i had the ground wire caught under the unit.

So i got the ground out and ran it...and it still shook really bad. Also the screws went in harder...mostly on the motor side. I checked the balance and it seemed fine.

I thought of using a small piece of rubber under the motor side to better absorb the shake, but I wasn't sure if i had a piece of rubber i knew was heat resistant, and didn't want to take chances of it falling out and onto the furnace and burn.
So i took a small piece of wire off an old broken appliance, stripped it, and stuck it under...

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I disconnected and re-connected all wires and plugs in the indoor unit with no change in blower speed. I did mess around with the jumpers on the timer board: continous fan changed to "hi", cfm changed to "hi" and system changed from - "hp-comfort" to "hp-eff". This resulted in about a 50% increase of rpms of the blower (guessing about 100 rpm). When I put back the access panel, rpms increased slightly more. Does the system of an air pressure/resistance detector? If so, could this have gone bad? Good news is that I can get some low-level of warm air out of the vents but still well below long-term needs. Any thoughts? Thank you,...

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