Replaced outlet still not working


If they are working, then it is likely only a single faulty outlet. An outlet is easy to change yourself without having to call in a professional. New outlets can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. Once the outlet is replaced, you should not have any more problems, but if it is still not working you may need to call an electrician.

Step 1

Turn off the breaker that controls the circuit that the outlet is on. Most breaker boxes are marked to show what breaker controls each area, but if yours is not, you may have to flip several until you find the right one.

Step 2

Use a circuit tester to check another outlet on that circuit to ensure that the power is off. If a circuit tester is not available, plug in a lamp or radio to test for electricity.

Step 3

Unscrew the center screw to remove the outlet cover. Check inside for any burn marks or any loose wires. If burn marks are found, it is best to call in a professional.

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Dale Firmin: This video is best viewed (listened to) at 1.5 times the normal speed. Select the speed by clicking the "gear" icon.

LectronCircuits: Bummer, dude. Enhance this effect by using aluminum wire. Cheers!

EstPaul: i have an outlet that started acting up. i used a non contact voltage tester to probe the outlet. it would beep and light up quit for a few seconds then beep and light up again. it did this on top and bottom of recepticale and on both prong slots. any ideas?

Corey Lambrecht: Why did you stop making videos?

Milosz Ostrow: "The hot wires normally are the black wires." Hahaha! If a weekend warrior has been modifying the electrical system, you cannot assume that. Literally, everything needs to be questioned and checked.

J K: Black wires are hot, however a white wire with black tape can mean hot wire too. Depending on the current flow and receptacle function.

Darren R: the new decora plugs have a slot for two wires which slip behind a...

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I am an national award winning DJ and I use large projection screens with my DJ rig. I purchased 2 HP laptops that I thought had the capabilities to run my DJ softward.2 X HP Pavilion G6 i5 8gb . About 2 years back there was a windows update and all of a suddeen I had no HDMI ouputs. I tried new cables, updating drivers etcetc until in the end I just gave up as HP said this was a Microsoft problem and MIcrosoft informed me that it was a problem with my HP laptop .

Thereofore for the last two years I have been using the good old VGA leads. AV engineers do tend to give me a funny look when they see I am still using VGA leads but I have noticed that there are numerous other people online that have lost their HDMI facility when using HP laptops.

I was hoping that wiht the new Windows 10 everything would be resolved but unfortunatey not. STILL no HDMI outputs.

I have been looking to see if there is a BIOS update that could get my HDMI outputs working...

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For no apparent reason, half of the outlets in my basement no longer power my devices, i.e. TV, Blue Ray, surround sound, and window fans. Everything worked fine for the last 10 years and through last night.

My voltage tester indicates power to the outlets. However, when I plug something in, it won't run. If I put the tester on an outlet that indicates "hot"; when I plug something in the outlet next to it the tester indicator light goes out. Any of the affected outlets that indicate "hot" go "cold" when I plug a device into it.

I'm not an electrical guy. Is there something that has gone bad that could cause my outlets to not get enough power or lose voltage? Remember, I'm not an electrical guy so, please make it as plain as possible. Am I gonna be out of a lot of money to an electrician or is this something simple I could fix myself?

By greasedog from Glen Carbon, IL


Electrical Outlets Stopped Working

By coincidence, I just...

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As pool technicians, we hear these everyday:

“My pump is on but the water is not moving.”

“Why is there water leaking from under my pump?

“Why is my pump losing its prime?”

And the classic but vague, “My pump isn’t working, what’s wrong with it?”All these and many others are signs of a failing pool pump but the source of the fault varies. The key to diagnosing the pump is understanding its parts’ functions and what happens when a certain part is failing. Knowing what to look for allows you as a homeowner to identify and fix the problem yourself, thereby saving money. Or if you’re not up for the job, be able to explain the issue to a pool technician so they can fix your pump. Most importantly, being educated on your pump prevents you from being pushed into buying unnecessary parts by your poolman.

We’ll do a rundown of the 8 most replaced parts on a pool pump with an explanation of each part’s function and the symptoms of a possible...

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GE Refrigerator

Recently my water dispenser simply quit working on my General Electric side-by-side refrigerator. We’ve had the GE refrigerator for roughly 5 years and never had this issue. The ice maker was still making ice so I knew it was still receiving water. The ice dispenser worked fine when tried to dispense water, I heard a click and the light came on so I assumed the electronics in the dispenser control panel were ok.

I spent several hours reading forums and testing various theories. I eventually determined that the water line inside the door was frozen. You see, the water line comes in from the wall to under the refrigerator and splits. One line goes up to the ice maker. The other coils around in a water line behind the vegetable tray to cool the water then out the back, under the refrigerator across the bottom of the front then up the inside left of the freezer door by the hinge. Ultimately the insulation inside the door quits insulating the water line...

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HOME Sitemap

A home electrical inspection for real estate purposes will often reveal electrical defects the homeowner was unaware of. Many of these are code violations, some of which raise real safety concerns and others that do not. Here I am addressing only the common corrections or recommendations that home inspectors call for in regard to the proper connection, GFI-protection, and functionality of plug-in receptacles in homes. (Also see my Inspection article.) Because some of these corrections involve a knowledge of circuits and a troubleshooting strategy, The Circuit Detective's website as a whole may be of value to you. On the other hand, since inspections often insist that issues be addressed by a professional, check one of the ads on my pages.

Many of these inspector recommendations are generated by their 3-prong outlet tester, which also often tests GFCIs as well. I discuss the meaning and limitations of what these testers say in Interpreting An Outlet Tester. Here I...

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People with disabilities meet barriers of all types. However, technology is helping to lower many of these barriers. By using computing technology for tasks such as reading and writing documents, communicating with others, and searching for information on the Internet, students and employees with disabilities are capable of handling a wider range of activities independently. Still, people with disabilities face a variety of barriers to computer use. These barriers can be grouped into three functional categories: barriers to providing computer input, interpreting output, and reading supporting documentation. Hardware and software tools (known as adaptive or assistive technologies) have been developed to provide functional alternatives to these standard operations. Specific products, and approaches to using them, are described below.

Mobility Impairments

Some wheelchairs may not fit under standard height computer tables and some computer users do not have enough use of...

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