Replacing two bath fixtures on one switch


How To Repair the Shower Faucet: Check Shutoff Valve. 2 and 3 Handle Bath Tub and Shower Faucet Repair Tips. Leaky two-handle shower faucet Maintenance and Repair will help you to save money could be being wasted in your home.

If you’re not a plumber now, you will be one after this! You know the problem: the shower head leaks all the time, or the tub faucet is always dripping. Both are maddening. You must get behind the wall to fix this one. First, check the temperature of the water leaking from faucet or shower head. If It’s hot, then that is the valve body you must disassemble. If cold, then disassemble the cold. Finally: hang in there.

Can of penetrating oil Necessary washers (seat, “O” ring, bonnet)
Can of putty

Tools for Shower Faucet Repair
Medium flat blade screwdriver and/or Phillips head
Adjustable wrench
Set of socket wrenches
Small cold chisel

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Remodeling your entire bathroom can be an extensive and costly task. Thankfully, there are many small updates that can be made that will make just as large of an impact on the look and functionality of your room. These small updates require little time, little knowledge of home improvement and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

1. Replace your fixtures. The two main fixtures that should be replaced are your faucets and shower heads The faucet is used by essentially everyone who enters the bathroom, so having one that is up-to-date, functional and attractive is a must. Many times, people use the default shower head that came with their home- these are usually older and may be rusted. Updating to a new shower head is inexpensive and easy. They make a variety of water-efficient ones that are great for those who want to “go green”. Lastly, replace any old cabinet knobs, pulls, and towel racks.

2. Make everything match. In many bathrooms, things are mismatched...

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Hi there,

We have a 20 year old Roman tub faucet on our Jacuzzi. It is a Moen and we are wondering if anyone out there has replaced the visible portion (trim kit) of one similar. Please see image below. Replacing the plumbing below the surface is not an option.

I contacted Moen and they seem to think the handles would be ok with something like a Moen Kingsley Brushed nickel two-handle low arc roman tub faucet. But, the shank that the spout attaches to is 1/16" of an in shorter than the recommended size. Would this be a problem in practice? The recommended size for the shank is to ensure a seal.

And would the handles really fit?



Here is a link that might be...

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Two 12/2 cables (w/ ground) do enter the switch junction box in the wall. The box contains a single light switch used to control the light only on the old unit and a double (horizontal) switch that each controlled the heater and fan independently on the old unit before the fan motor went bad. On the double switch, I see a white wire connected to a terminal on the switch and it looks like it is coming from the service panel which doesn't make sense (I thought white was neutral and not hooked up to switches, but to each other). It doesn't look like a professional job. Except for maybe 3-way switches I've seen only black wires hooked up to the terminals (but a good electrician will wrap black tape on it).

The single switch has a jumper wire to the double switch. The double switch has another jumper from one screw terminal to the screw terminal on the other side of the double switch. (I wish I could draw a diagram). I can't make sense of it, it's complicated. But it did work before....

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Redefining an Arts & Crafts Bath | Case Study | Bathroom Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska

Designing a bathroom to comple ment an early 20th century Four-Square house does not require slavish copying of every tiny design detail of an Arts & Crafts- era house. Witness this elegant bath that follows Art & Crafts design principles while incorporating modern fixtures and refinements.

This bathroom had one advantage not always found in Arts & Crafts-era houses. It was fairly large — 9' x 8', which for an early 20th century bath is generous. And, it had always been a bathroom — not something converted from an unused maid's room or spare bedroom — so the plumbing was at least adequate. It also had room to expand. The adjacent bedroom included a barely used second closet that was the perfect size for a 5' alcove bathtub.

Unfortunately, nothing of the exiting bath was worth saving. Originally it had been outfitted with a good...

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With the new dishwasher uncrated and lying on its back, attach a new elbow for the water-supply line. These are called, conveniently enough, dishwasher elbows. One side has a standard 3/8-in. plumbing thread; the other side accommodates the nut of a 3/8-in. compression fitting. When the elbow is installed, it should face backward so it can be reattached to the supply line. This orientation is crucial, and it sometimes means you can't tighten the elbow as much as you would like. To lessen the chance of a leak at the fitting, Schlott recommends giving the elbow a couple of extra wraps of Teflon tape before inserting it (four wraps in all). Wrap the tape firmly in a clockwise direction. In this installation, Schlott did not change the 3/8-in. flexible copper supply line because it was in excellent shape. But inspect your line carefully and replace it if it looks kinked or worn or shows signs of leaking. You can replace the copper line with an easy-to-work-with braided-metal supply...

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Bath Vent Fan

Plan the installation so the vent duct is as short as possible and makes as few turns as possible. In addition to a vent fan, a bathroom unit may have a light, night-light, or heater. A heater uses more power than a light and fan, so it may need to be on its own circuit.

A fan or a unit with a light and fan that come on at the same time requires only two-cable wiring. Wiring becomes more complex with separate function controls and additional functions. To replace an existing fan, check the wiring; you may need to replace two-wire cable with three-wire cable or even two cables.


About 7 hours to install ducting, a fan, and a switch (not including cutting a pathway for the cable and patching walls)

Voltage tester, pry bar, drill, drywall saw, jigsaw, hammer, ladder, fish tape, screwdriver, strippers, long-nose pliers, lineman's pliers

Cutting through siding or roofing; stripping,...

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Rated 3.2 out of 5 by 9 reviewers.

Rated 4 out of 5 by MikeG Great fan - on the louder side though If you're looking for a soft, quiet hush fan, this is not it. But if you're looking for an effective fan that lasts for years, this may be what you're looking for. May 2, 2015

Rated 5 out of 5 by FredF Had this for 8 years and it's still running great. Re-insulating our ceiling with blown-in cellulose and was questioned about safety of contact of insulation with fan box in attic. Understand the unit is IC (insulation contact) rated which is excellent. Provides warm heat when stepping outside shower in cool bathroom. Easy installation. Very happy with the Technical Support. January 23, 2014

Rated 1 out of 5 by donc I'm not happy with the fan. Not happy because I think the fan motor has a bad bearing. IT changes speed and is annoyingly nosy. I'm ready to rip it out and buy something else. August 21, 2013

Rated 5 out of 5 by RMLCO saves time & money The...

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We carry the best selection at the lowest prices including vanity lighting, sconces and bath bars. For a touch of modern elegance, fixtures in brushed steel are a great choice. If you prefer the more traditional side of styling, we also carry wrought iron designs, rustic options and much more! Energy conscious? No problem – our assortment of Energy Star and ADA compliant fixtures can cut your home's energy costs without sacrificing great style.

For additional ideas, our gallery of bathroom lighting pictures provides inspiration for fixture placement, along with today's most popular decor trends. These pre-designed scenes range from contemporary and traditional to organic chic – and to make shopping easier, you can simply click to buy select in-scene designs!

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make in the bathroom is not installing adequate lighting around wall mirrors and vanity areas. Not only will good lighting make your space more pleasant and comfortable...

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