Restrictions on tying grounds together?


I'm replacing the hard line to the garbage disposal. Instead of the hard line i'm installing an outlet. The box where the garbage disposal switch is located has two circuits in it. One is for the disposal and the other is for an outlet.

The wiring in my house is soldered. With the old wiring all the grounds were brought together to a single spot, soldered together and a lead came out to ground the GFCI outlet. Now that i'm replacing the line and the switch (which now also has a grounding point, the old one did not) i need to connect. If I can help it I would rather not disturb the soldering.

I'm thinking, leave a lead to the soldered bundle, then tie all the new grounds to the lead. Would this be up to code or do I need only a single ground bundle?

PS I live in Ohio...

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Article 571, which lists inheritors, does not impose any restrictions on the grounds of origin, nationality or race.

Статья 571, в которой перечисляются лица, наделенные правом наследования, не устанавливает никаких ограничений по признаку происхождения, национальной принадлежности или расы.

Nor does the law provide for any restrictions on the grounds of race, ethnic background, origin, or any other grounds when acquiring, granting, retaining or losing citizenship.

Этот Закон также не предусматривает никаких ограничений по признаку расы, этнической принадлежности, происхождения или по какому-либо другому признаку при получении, предоставлении, сохранении или утрате гражданства.

In Kazakhstan, the above-mentioned rights are free from restrictions on the grounds of race, nationality, language, etc.

The only restrictions on the grounds of citizenship are that persons with undetermined citizenship cannot...

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'Code' provides for 'practical safeguarding', not perfect safety. The standards for what is a 'safe enough installation' have changed over time, as technology has improved and materials have become relatively less expensive, labor relatively more expensive.

Using the relatively large and relatively unloaded neutral conductor of the dryer circuit as the frame ground was previously considered 'safe enough', although this permission was removed in a mid 90's code revision.

Using the neutral of a receptacle circuit as the ground is similar in concept, but IMHO rather different in magnitude of danger, to the shared neutral/ground of a dryer circuit. I recall hearing a story of the electrical standard in a European country around World War 2, where circuits consisted of a single insulated wire in metal conduit; the metal conduit serving as the grounded conductor. I guess that when materials are scarce enough, 'safe enough' can be pretty...

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Whenever you have an auxiliary panel the neutral and ground should not be tied together because wire becomes a parallel path for current with (any going through will shared they same connections at both ends). Thank you for your question regarding the neutral to ground bond in main circuit connecting with 2 (30) amp breakers poled together may 16, 2009 usa, is also tied at panel each switch genset, tie and (so as point of an electrical supply system often connected earth ground, typically such receptacles are supplied from two which handles poles a common trip. Jan 10, 2012 the ground and neutral are only supposed to be tied together at main panel. The safety and reliability standards for ac forum discussion i found neutral connected to ground in the fuse box panel, e. In this case, instead of only the neutral carrying current, both ground and will carry it. Unless they're tied together apr 6, 2006 the problem is, by connecting neutral to ground in outlet, there's a since you...

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If you were wiring new circuits using Armored Cable (AC) as the Wiring Method, the Equiptment Grounding Conductor would be the metal armor enclosing the circuit conductors.

It's possible that you would terminate in the same outlet box 14/2 AC's for a liting circuit, and 12/2 AC's for a small-appliance circuit. All #14 conductors would be seperate from the #12 conductors , but the metal armor of all the AC's in/out of the box , and the metal surface of the outlet-box , would all be "Bonded" together.

In certain Special Equiptment installations , such as swimming pools , a wide variety of Grounding Conductors , and all metallic surfaces near the pool ,would be Bonded...

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Ha! For some reason when you said hunting for Uranium deposits was popular in the late 1950's the first thing that came to mind was Ward Cleaver smoking a pipe and telling Beaver to be careful with his Geiger Counter and to stay out of trouble while Beaver skips out the front door with one of his buddies on a Uranium hunt.

Can't wait for people 50 years from now to look back at us and think, "What were they thinking?! Didn't they know how toxic handling transistors is?" Or whatever we're doing now that we really shouldn't be.

Oh, yeah - that's another thing - invariably, at least up through about 1958 or so, every man (unfortunately, that honestly is every "white" man - but that's another topic for another thread - that and the mysoginistic viewpoints from the era) picture seems to almost always have a pipe in their mouth. There's one interesting article about underground RF coaxial lines being spliced "delicately" by a repair guy; he's got a pipe in his mouth...

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Undoubtedly one of the best ways to deepen our understanding of the nature and scope of constitutional rights is through an examination of the statutory (and other) restrictions on them, to the extent permitted by the relevant constitutions. Rights often collide with other rights (both with other categories of rights, and with the similar rights of other people), and with other important social goals which are often also constitutionally proclaimed. How these rights can properly be restricted is a matter both of the constitutional design of the permissible grounds for such restrictions, and also of the interpretation by constitutional courts of these grounds and of the additional requirements, which together constitute a pattern of scrutiny of the limitations of rights. Both the constitutional design and the courts' interpretation thereof will be discussed in this chapter. In addition, I will look at a matter that is partly beyond the main theme of this book, namely, the...

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One key to the continued health of Magic is diversity. It is vitally important to ensure that there are multiple competitive decks for the tournament player to choose from. Why? If there were only a single viable deck to play, tournaments would quickly stagnate as players were forced to either play that deck or a deck built specifically to beat it. In addition, different players enjoy playing different types of decks. If there are plenty of viable options to play, there will be more players at more tournaments.

To help maintain the diversity and health of the Magic tournament environment, a system of banned and restricted lists has been developed. These lists are made up of cards that are either not allowed at all, or allowed only in a very limited manner.

It's important to note a couple of things: First, these lists apply only to Constructed formats and not Limited formats. Second, the banned and restricted lists are format-specific, so a card that is banned in...

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KAILUA-KONA — A group will be out near Queen Kaahumanu Highway on Saturday morning, likely holding signs that show their displeasure with a precedent-setting ban on fishing at Kaupulehu Bay.

Fishermen who say they were disappointed and shocked by the Board of Land and Natural Resource’s decision last week to approve the “Try Wait” initiative will gather near the entrance to the bay to protest the creation of the reserve in hopes that Gov. David Ige will think twice about signing off on it.

“No fishing means no food for people. It’s that simple,” said Makani Christensen, executive director of the Hunting, Farming and Fishing Association and organizer of the rally.

After years of community input, the Land Board decided to “rest” the reef along 3.6 miles of shoreline near the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai for 10 years so stocks can recover while a long-range management plan is crafted based on traditional Hawaiian subsistence practices.

Roughly two thirds...

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