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My garage has a 17' 2x8 ridge beam. The roof is a V, lowest in the center, with 2x4 rafters nailed to the sides of this ridge piece. At some point the roof drain clogged, the roof turned into a swimming pool, and this ridge board/beam cracked/tore in
The only skip sheathing I've ever encountered is that installed to support a tin roof. What I found, was that the sheathing was not a consistent thickness which made laying osb or plywood on top quite difficult. Granted, these were in rural areas whe
This isn't a stellar answer because there's more information needed. But here's a start. First, your roof system is built with trusses, so the forces acting on the wood behave a little differently than classic stick framing
Project overview and materialsAluminum is a good solution for wood soffits and fascias in awful shape. It’ll take less time to bury them behind aluminum trim than to repair, scrape and repaint the old wood. This article will tell you everything you n
So yesterday I saw a 1,450 PSI electric pressure washer for around $80, and I was considering buying one to clean the rooftop. But now I'm reconsidering. So, my question is, does low water pressure actually affect the functionality of a pressure wash
How Much Flat Roof Costs - Calculate Prices If you need your Flat Roof repaired in Massachusetts, we service the Metro Boston area! Learn more, and fill our roof repair request HERE. Flat roof reality check: leaks are an inevitable outcome for 99% of
Short answer: go to the hardware store, buy whatever, paint it down and watch it fail in a few years. What you do at that point depends on what you used. Or you could consider over-roofing it with EPDM rubber, using the rubber-cement-like glue to sti
If there is water dripping out from underneath your shingles (on the ice & water), then there is a problem with the roof installation which probably won't be addressed by installing a drip edge. There should only be water getting under the shingl
Because asphalt shingles are slottet and have gsaps at their ends. Those openings are covered by the solid top of the (offset) next row down. At the bottom, tho cover those spaces, you need the coverage provided by the next row down