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I have a skylight that is essentially a flashed plywood curb with a late 50's era glass paver that "cups" over top. No tar or caulk, just gravity holding it there. Now, because I'm an idiot, I decided to touch it during a kitchen remodel to clean up/
I'm asking this here to avoid being conned by "professional" roofers in India who either exaggerate their estimates or send highly unskilled labourers to do the job. This is the layout of a roof: D: Areas that are damagedH: Drainage holesP: Ponding a
Roof Moss and Algae Removal TIPS DEAR TIM: Part of my roof gets very little direct sun and is shaded. Both moss and green and black algae grow on the shingles. Are these organisms causing damage to my roof? What is the best way to remove them
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The roof of your house is the first line of defense against the weather. It is there to protect your home from rain, snow, wind and hail. A well-constructed roof will do this job with aplomb and your home will remain watertight and safe from the elem
If you're getting your roofing materials replaced and the roof decking exposed, you have a golden opportunity! What you could do is add several inches (4+", preferably 6+") of roofing polyiso over the exposed roof decking (no need to remove it unless
Sheds are used for all sorts of things nowadays. Many of these uses would make insulated sheds a necessity. Certain things, like electronics and specialty tools, store better when protected from extreme temperature changes
I'm looking to build a small covered patio area on our property, next to our pool. It'll be open on all sides, and covered by a simple skillion/single-sloped roof. So something like in this photo: http://fancycribs
I agree with Ed Beal. But yes, there are 2 ways to do this & they're equal in strength, for what's planning to be done. However, get a Permit from the Building Dept
My garage has a 17' 2x8 ridge beam. The roof is a V, lowest in the center, with 2x4 rafters nailed to the sides of this ridge piece. At some point the roof drain clogged, the roof turned into a swimming pool, and this ridge board/beam cracked/tore in