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There might only be exposed nail heads at the end(s) of the ridge. The other nail heads should be covered by the adjacent ridge cap shingle, like this (from here): A professional would hide the last nail heads by gluing an end piece on like this: Tha
Working on reshingling my roof. The roof deck turned out to be 3/8" plywood which is starting to break down due to the number of times the roof has been replaced. The deck is not rotting out except for a few spots along the drip edge, which we are cu
Remove for sure. You can replace a skylight, throw down flashing around it, caulk it up and basically do a really good install in about 1-2 hours (not accounting demo as this is all over the place with skylights) per light. If you totally remove it y
I recently bought a house -- big, beautiful sucker built in 1900, with two full stories and a third that's essentially a very nicely finished attic. I had a contractor give me an estimate for replacing some shingles that got blown off the roof. While
Moss or algae growth on your roof does more than ruin your home’s curb appeal; it also could be causing your roof to deteriorate at a faster rate. Water and moisture getting trapped beneath moss or leaves could be speeding up the rate at which your s
We have some roof covering our patio. There is about a half-inch gap between the OSB that makes up the roof, and I guess they're called rafters? Whatever they are that form the edge of the roof line. The shingles actually go over both edges (the OSB
There is a maximum exposure for wood shingles. 18" shingles will have the same amount, whether tapered sawn handsplits or perfections. Maximum exposure is based on the remainder of the exposed part of the shingle to extend up under 2 more courses tha
The previous owner put a new shingle roof on my garage about 4 years ago, but the problem is that the roof wasn't sloped enough for shingles. Most of the water runs off OK, but some does get through the shingles toward the back. I'm trying to find a
That 2x4 is probably your problem, if snow and ice build up in the gutter (aka eaves trough) high enough then water will flow into the spot where you can see debris there now. The best thing you could do, without moving the eaves trough and cutting t
Hi, New here was recommended from the PY( pontiac forums) website. I have a 24X40 stick built garage ( New Hampshire) not yet 2 years old. has a full foundation ( code) 2x4 walls, t-111, 2x10 ridge board, and 2x8 rafters, with 2x6 ties