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TL;DR Can I fix the sag by slowly jacking up the ridge, simultaneously tightening some steel cables attached to the top of each wall? Measuring between the top of the wall and the top of the ridge, I see about a 3. 75" dip in the middle. Details I ha
Now that the pics have been posted, here are some observations. There is definately a dip to the outside wall, as evidenced by the decreasing gap of the gutters to the shadow board. It also appears that there is some bending of the gutter supports as
I'm building a man cave in the corner of my garden, the base is finished already, now I'm planning the build from the ground up The structure will be 2. 5 metres high and will have a flat roof (rubber). The images below show a very crude plan I did o
Respecting posts/comments referring to OSB water wicking and degradation (too little space allowance for reply by comment)-- If it were a matter of edge wicking of water and consequent swelling or crumbling, the photo would show only full, uncut OSB
InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Asphalt shingle cracks due to thermal splitting & defective product: this document tells readers how to i
When rain comes pouring down on your roof, you may notice water that’s supposed to be falling into your gutters missing it entirely at the corners where two perpendicular roof surfaces meet to form a valley. This effect is caused by the increased amo
Intake Air Vents It’s also important to have plenty of soffit or gable vents for the fan to draw air into the attic. To find out if you have enough vent space, divide the cubic feet of air per minute that the fan is rated for by 300 to come up with t
The height of the fascia (the vertical face at the edge of the roof) depends on 3 parameters: Overhang depth, truss (rafter) heel height, and roof pitch (slope). If any of these things vary from one plane to another, at least one of the other paramet
To ensure that your costs don’t go through the roof, equip yourself with the tools to plan roofing initiatives effectively. Justifying capital funds for these jobs can be challenging, especially when competing for funds with projects that generate re
Holspeed Mk11 a homebuilt camper - on a budget Like many camper trailer owners we started out tenting. After a number of successive wet camping trips late in 2007 our 10 year old tent was showing its age and I figured there must be a better way to st