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After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Causes of Damp Wall 2. Effects of Dampness in Wall 3
Okay, I've got a recently-installed standing-seam metal roof. The roofers ground out the brick in my chimney to install counter-flashing. Recently there was a big leak around the area of the chimney
It's a mistake for the roofers to say that the plywood will definitely have to be replaced. However, they may be familiar with homes in your area, that were built around the same time. So they may have experience, that tells them that the decking wil
I have a skylight that is essentially a flashed plywood curb with a late 50's era glass paver that "cups" over top. No tar or caulk, just gravity holding it there. Now, because I'm an idiot, I decided to touch it during a kitchen remodel to clean up/
Often it really is a race between tortoise and hare: not who can go fastest but who can last the longest. And for many homeowners nervously contemplating four and five-figure re-roofings, longevity looks pretty good. You can rate roofing materials fr
I'm asking this here to avoid being conned by "professional" roofers in India who either exaggerate their estimates or send highly unskilled labourers to do the job. This is the layout of a roof: D: Areas that are damagedH: Drainage holesP: Ponding a
The type of material that lasts the longest in is Arizona is—bar none—clay tile. It last 60+ years if you treat it right. It does not burn or rot or heat up much in Arizona’s desert climate
Condensation is caused by the underside of the roofing getting colder than the dew point. To prevent this, you would need to insulate the underside and achieve a perfect air seal so that no humid air can bypass the insulation and touch the cold roof.
Either buy a bundle (#2 white cedar, and pick out the better ones) and cut them down, or visit a jobsite with shingling in progress and ask for offcuts (bring coffee and doughnuts to improve your odds of "yeah, sure, take whatever you need from the s
Intro Flat roofs were once exclusively the province of professionals, but new materials enable do-it-yourselfers to install flat roofs. If your flat roof is covered with gravel, you will likely need to hire a professional to reroof it. If the surface