Questions about: rope-knots

I have ripped up many a floor with 1/2" plywood as the tile substrate over 5/8" sheathing. 1/2" cement board over 5/8" plywood is often frowned upon as the cement board offers up no rigidity to the floor assembly. 1/2" plywood over 5/8" sheathing and
The sheet bend is used to tie two lines together. It is perhaps the most generally useful knot of all. When used to tie a line to itself, making a loop, it is called a bowline
I have a log that I want to hang against the wall, creating a small shelf. I'm attaching the logs to two iron screw eyes using 1/4" hemp rope, for a rustic look. Here's a diagram: The screw eyes don't have a closed loop; they're open-ended like a hoo