Questions about: routers

You can use a 1/4" roundover bit from both sides, but it must be guided, perhaps by a built-in guide. These look like this: You might insist on the nicer perfectly round contour shown in the top image. You cannot use a 3/8" roundover bit
A router is a popular woodworking tool used to cut, shape and polish wood, plastic and metal products. While various types of routers are available, all contain the same basic components. A base contains a motor and other inner mechanisms which are u
Straightly has entirely to do with your fence/guide, and there are many ways to do that. You can fence the baseplate, use collars and fence those, or use bearing bits and fence those - it's just a matter of offset from the cut line. Cleanly is tricki
Be Prepared The most challenging part of this project is the tabletop and its through-mortise-and-tenon corners. I recommend you use full-scale plans, as I find they help to avoid errors. You can either scale up the included plans or print a download