Saddle valve problem


You could replace the rubber part you describe but the chances are that it will leak again.

Plumbers do charge for thier time,,,,and most times on an hourly basis. When you factor what is worth more, your personal time or someone that does it everyday, you have to consider what holds more wieght.

For example...

I use to be stubborn and not spend $40 dollars assembling those furniture items that come in a flat box... like entertainment centers, desks, tables, and shelves.

Even though I saved money...... I would spend all day putting these items together.....and wonder.....was it worth wasting my day....or just chunk out the forty?

Now I pay the money because my time is worth more than money...

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Certain appliances around the home, such as refrigerators or furnace humidifiers, need a source of water...

Not a flood, just a reliable low volume supply. The invention of the saddle valve (also known as a saddle tee) made installation of these appliances a snap. No longer did a person need ace plumbing skills to hook up the water supply to the refrigerator's ice maker. All they needed was a few tools, some common sense, and the courage to try.

What is a saddle valve, and how is it installed?

What is a saddle tee, and how does it differ from a saddle valve?

I have a saddle valve for my furnace's humidifier, but it drips when I turn it on? How do I repair or... gulp... replace it?

Any tips on hooking up a water supply for a refrigerator icemaker?

What is a saddle valve, and how is it installed?

The saddle valve is one of the easiest plumbing fixtures to install... next to the venerable garden hose. A marvel of simplicity...

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A saddle valve used to connect a


's water intake to a residential cold water



A saddle valve is a valve used to supply liquid where a low volume, low pressure stream is required. The name is derived from the fact that it is mounted in such a way that it "saddles" the line, mounting it from both sides.

They are typically used for supplying cold water, via a 3/8 inch tube, to:

A saddle valve is mounted directly on to a pipe which is usually 1/2 inch copper tubing. Saddle valves are self-tapping devices. Once mounted on a line, with the included rubber seal in place, all that is required is to turn the valve clockwise until it pierces the water line. When the valve handle can no longer be turned, it is done tapping the pipe. Turning the handle counter-clockwise opens the valve. These valves can be installed without shutting off the main water supply.

Plumbing codes, local or international, often do not allow use of a saddle...

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I'm not a plumber either...but I was able to removal of a leaky saddle valve. Mine was for a deceased humidifer on my furnance. Here's what I did:
- shut off off the water
- cut back the pipe with a tubing cutter
- drained the water from the pipe by pulling it down a bit
- put a real valve in (ball cock)
- put a short 12" nipple(dead man) on that
- soldered the thing up (clean w/emory and apply flux before soldering)
- put a cap on the "dead man"

Now when I buy a new humidifer, I can put the saddle on the dead man...if it ever leaks, I shut off the valve, remove the bad saddle, cut out that one inch of pipe and recap it. Done. I could do it about 12 times before it ever became a real issue again.

All told, it took me maybe an hour to do.

I have seen some putty that is *supposed* to seal a pipe - but I have no idea if it will actually hold for any duration of time or if it is just a band-aid.

If you are able to get in...

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A saddle valve offers a quick and easy way add a small water supply line for a refrigerator ice-maker or water dispenser, a swamp-cooler, or a humidifier. The valve clamps onto the host pipe and has a needle-like shaft that is driven through the pipe wall to tap into the water flow. There are large versions of saddle valves for various applications, but the type you'll most like use around the house supplies a 1/4-inch water supply line and is designed to fit a 3/8-inch to 1-inch copper host pipe.

How To Install a Saddle Valve

Keep in mind that saddle valves are not as reliable as soldered and other permanent plumbing connections, and they can leak over time. Because of this, they should always be installed in visible, accessible locations and not be hidden inside walls, ceilings, or floors. Here are the basic steps for adding a saddle valve to supply a 1/4-inch water line:

Locate a section of the host pipe that is round (not dented) and has enough room around...
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Saddle valves--the plumber's "hack" job

I don't know who thought the saddle valve was a good idea--at least the way they currently make them.

Our old fridge had an ice maker (not the kind that dispenses through the door) which worked ok, but it did not have a water dispenser. I noticed when I first moved in that someone had put a saddle valve on the main water line and connected a way-too-long run of plastic tubing to it. It hung down out of the basement ceiling, was coiled up behind the washer, then ran back up and over to the area where the fridge is. From there it ran up though a whole in the floor right behind the fridge and right into the fridge. No valve to shut off water to the fridge either. I didn't mess with this for 4 years because we have considered remodeling the kitchen, the fridge was ancient, and I had more pressing items to worry about.

Well, we bought a new fridge and it has both ice and water dispensers. Still haven't gotten around to...

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[Plumbing] Plumming: Saddle Valve won't shut off??

I have a plumming problem. Our fridge (refridgerator for you american folks) died completely. We checked everything but its very old and stopped working so we decided to chuck it and buy a new one. Ok so new fridge purchased from Sears Canada, they will NOT TOUCH the old fridge nor disconnect it so its upto us to do so. I went in the basement and shut off the supply line for the ice / water dispencer thingy by turning off the sadddle valve. When I started removing the 1/4 inch copper pipe to the fridge water started spraying out of it and I was pretty sure I shut off the saddle valve so Im screwed now.

I went to Home Depot Canada and asked what to do the guy did not know and told me to buy a new saddle valve but im prety sure the new fridge will come with all that stuff. I ended up buying a brass cap that should screw onto the part of the saddle valve where the hose goes. When I turned the water back on it was...

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