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Septic Tank - Planting over or near the SoakawayTable of ContentsSeptic Tank soakaways, when correctly installed, do not smell, so there is no need to plant anything other than grass over them. However, many people, especially those with smaller gard
Very new to electronics and I'm wondering if you can help me with wiring this project I'm working on. I need a push button to do two things, start a timer and move a servo (once the timer starts). Also, I want to have a PIR sensor in it to decrease t
Posted by : Ecohome | Emmanuel Cosgrove, Mike Reynolds TECHNICAL GUIDE : Slab-On-Grade Construction, an affordable and durable alternative to starting a home with a basement. Starting your home with a slab-on-grade instead of a conventional basement
I live in an old apartment which does not have laundry, or even laundry hookups. Since I despise laundromats, I took it upon myself to get a portable washer which connects to a sink, and a portable dryer. Now that summer is here, the dryer really nee
Which is safer; alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC)?Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) have slightly different effects on the human body, but both are dangerous above a certain voltage. The risk of injury changes according t
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Certificate of Compliance (CoC) have to come from the manufacturer or main supplier of the product. I have worked at a few places that demanded at least a CoC, and sometimes a MSDS which was usually for hazardou
We're not on the Code Golf SE, but let's play anyway. (code golf is a game of making the shortest possible program, with no regard for whether it is understandable. ) Overcurrent protection is provided by plain 15A and 20A breakers listed for reverse
The way to handle a long extension ladder safely is to learn how. That sounds tautological, but the point is that you shouldn't mess with it until you've had training and practice , in a safe, open area. If a ladder that long is too much for you to h
Okay, so i'm dying in a Texas Heat Wave and trying to figure out what to do. My Central AC unit went down and it's 1,500 to fix, and i don't have that. I have an old AC Unit from my old house, and i was wondering if i could do this