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We're not on the Code Golf SE, but let's play anyway. (code golf is a game of making the shortest possible program, with no regard for whether it is understandable. ) Overcurrent protection is provided by plain 15A and 20A breakers listed for reverse
The way to handle a long extension ladder safely is to learn how. That sounds tautological, but the point is that you shouldn't mess with it until you've had training and practice , in a safe, open area. If a ladder that long is too much for you to h
Okay, so i'm dying in a Texas Heat Wave and trying to figure out what to do. My Central AC unit went down and it's 1,500 to fix, and i don't have that. I have an old AC Unit from my old house, and i was wondering if i could do this
It sounds like the range hood duct wasn't quite airtight, and some grease has escaped into the guts of the structure it was running through. This type of IAQ problem is basically a nuisance -- it's easy enough to fix by removing the culprit grease bu
That space is pretty small and it's hard to get a finger in there. If it's far enough out that you could, then it's not far enough in to make electrical contact. So yes there can be a 1/4" gap, but your kid would have to get imaginative with paper cl
I have a number of doors in different situations where opening the door fully will hit various things, in all cases I don't have a wall behind the door to fix a normal stop to. The only solution I can currently think of are the stops you screw in the
Q. As a New England church steeple restoration specialist for 30 years, I run into dozens of layers of old paint. Most of the steeples were built in the early to mid 1800's and have a combination of lead, oil, latex (the kind that will not feather ou
Many of the commercial products are buffered in some way to try and reduce the impact on metals, since DWV plumbing may commonly be made from copper, brass, lead, or iron, as well as plastics. In the USA, aluminum is not, to my knowledge, a common dr
There are two conditions in which the tree roots need to be removed from the ground. Sometimes, the old trees spread their roots over a long period of time. They can cause problem to other plants as well as disturb the proper gardening
"Protein blunts your hunger the most, and is the most satiating," Purdue University researcher Wayne Campbell, PhD, tells WebMD. And a traditional breakfast of eggs may be one of the best ways to get your morning protein. While eggs are not always as