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CNCROi. com offers a host of custom products and production techniques, in this case, we'll review 400 Scrap Wood Coasters: Plane, Laser Engrave, Sand, Finish. We care a custom CNC shop with lots of production equipment both CNC and manual for use ac
There are many motors out there that are suitable for a benchtop disc sander. However, free motors are the best motors. If you can find any motor second hand, that would be best for this project
Since you are repainting the spindles, you do not need to go completely down to bare wood. It is fine to get down to the point where you begin to see bare wood, but you aren't actually sanding into the surface of it. The objective is to get to a clea
Sanding has two primary goals. First of all, it compensates for the surface defects. In case of woodwork it also removes the wood fibers that get raised from the surface when applying paint and are fixed still in the paint layer and thus make the sur
Old decks get slippery when from organic material and worse with wax based sealers. Then there is the cosmetic blemish of aging with black stains from slow drying areas. Stain looks great but slows down the drying out process which aggravates spots w
With an assortment of finishing products to choose from -- including eco-friendly ones -- there’s more than one way to change the color of a stained fence. Take a look at your natural surroundings and neighborhood for color ideas. Then ask yourself i
I'm palm sanding (quarter sheet) flaking/chipped paint from exterior hardwood siding I want to preserve. I read some hints here, but I'm seeking any other labor-saving hints - this job is tedious. Here's the best of my knowledge so far: First scrape
Refinishing restores shine and luster to scratched and faded hardwood floors. Unfortunately, many common products used to refinish wood flooring also contain harmful chemicals known as volatile organic compounds. VOCs reduce air quality within your h
The Square Buff Floor Sander is a big version of a palm sander. In other words, you attach a piece of sanding paper and the machine shakes it in some pattern. The Floor Sander is a big version of a belt sander
You have a pile of wood that needs to be turned back into lumber. As they are to be structural, the beams should be resawn until there are no "rough bits" left. Digging the rot out of a beam makes that beam no thicker than its narrowest point; a weak