“sap allowed” in walnut timber


Each User has_many Personas, each Persona belongs_to a User. There are 3 types of Persona - types 1 and 2 are created automatically when someone signs up and a new User is created. Persona type 3 can be created later at any time by the User via a form. I therefore need a way to tell the create action in the Personas controller which type of Persona to create. The only technique I know is to pass the persona_type to the create action. The trouble is, this leaves it open to a mass-assignment attack. The persona_type should not be chosen by a user. My question is, how can I tell the create action which persona_type to create without including persona_type in the permitted parameters?

I believe that STI or polymorphic associations are possible solutions to this problem. However, both seem like overkill when there is very little difference between the three Persona types. Even if these are the best solutions, I think this is an interesting problem and it would be good to know how...

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This is what I am trying to do:

I have an API response that contains a field with names. I am successfully able to get the response but using JavaScript I want to count how many times a name repeats. For example:

John John Stefany Steven Steven

I want to be able to count that John appears 2 times, Stefany appears 1 time, and Steven appears 2 times.

What have I tried so far?

$(function () { $.ajax({ url: "API_CALL", dataType: 'jsonp', success: function (results) { var imagesArray = new Array(); var allMedia = results.data._embedded.media; for (var i = 0; i < allMedia.length; i++) { var media1 = allMedia[i]; var imagesHtml = ""; imagesHtml += "{0} ".replace("{0}", media1._embedded.person.name); imagesHtml += ""; imagesArray.push(media1.images.square); $("#list").append(imagesHtml); } var numItems =...
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Northwest Timber specializes in highly-figured hardwood lumber, such as Quilted Maple, Figured Claro Walnut, and Oregon Myrtlewood.

These rare and beautiful woods are sought after by furniture and instrument makers around the world. The highly-figured Quilted Maple lumber is perfect for acoustic, electric, and arch bass guitars, as well as violins and mandolins.

Our hardwoods are individually selected and graded for their unique figure and premium quality. A large amount of lumber is kept together through the entire milling and drying process. The 12" and wider boards are sawn in sequence and numbered into bookmatched sets. This allows customers to buy color-matched hardwood lumber for their furniture building projects.

In the photo gallery are examples of quilted maple lumber and other exotic woods. Also check out the musical instruments and artful furniture made from our salvaged domestic...

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Black walnut (Juglans nigra), also called eastern black walnut and American walnut, is one of the scarcest and most coveted native hardwoods. Small natural groves frequently found in mixed forests on moist alluvial soils have been heavily logged. The fine straight-grained wood made prize pieces of solid furniture and gunstocks. As the supply diminishes, the remaining quality black walnut is used primarily for veneer. The distinctive tasting nuts are in demand for baked goods and ice cream, but people must be quick to harvest them before the squirrels. The shells are ground for use in many products.

THE TREE: Black walnut trees reach heights of 120 ft (37 m), with a diameter of over 3 ft (1 m). The bark is thick and very dark brown; divided by rather deep fissures into round ridges. The leaves are 1 to 2 feet long, consisting of 7 to 11 pairs of yellow-green leaflets, smooth above, pale and hairy underneath; leaflets about 3 inches long, extremely tapered at...

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Early colonists carried seeds of English walnuts to the New World, planting them diligently where they settled in Massachusetts and Virginia. The trees didn't even survive long enough to bear fruit so colonists learned to rely on the plentiful Black walnuts for cooking confections.

Native American Indians enjoyed black walnuts long before Europeans arrived, using walnut tree sap in their food preparation and making dye from the nut husks. Archeological evidence in the upper Great Lakes region indicates walnut consumption dating back to 2000 BC.

The shells and wood of black walnut trees are prized as much as the nutmeat. Woodworkers appreciate the extremely hardy characteristics and straight grain of the timber. Other industries use the hard shells of black walnuts in plastics, glues, sand-blast cleaners and metal polishers. During World War I, the hardy wood of the black walnut was used for making airplane propellers. NASA has put powdered walnut shells to use as thermal...

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H.E. "Hank" Stelzer
Forestry State Specialist
School of Natural Resources

Many landowners receive only a fraction of their timber's true value because they do not know what they have or how to sell it. Selling timber can be a rewarding experience if you understand the steps involved. This guide will not make you an expert, but it will explain the basic steps involved in selling timber, so you can feel more comfortable during the process and better about the results of your sale (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Becoming familiar with timber marketing and harvesting operations will assure you that the operations are proceeding according to your expectations.

Work with a professional forester

The first step in conducting a timber sale is to select a professional forester. Many landowners often ask why they should have a forester help them sell their timber. The answer is quite simple: Like your financial planner who helps ensure your...

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Boy do I love these kind of questions! Please read carefully and please read it all, as this advice is priceless!

Oh yeah, before I forget – I’m only going to say this once, “Do not sell your timber on shares.” Selling your timber on “shares” means the logger will pay you a certain percentage for the delivered logs and he get’s the rest, i.e., 50:50%, 60:40%, 70:30%, etc. If you want to SAFELY maximize profit, then sell your timber via sealed-bids. If you want to avoid nightmare scenarios where some landowners get taken to the cleaners and literally hand over excess profit to the logger, then by all means sell your timber via the shares method. Trust me, you absolutely do not want to sell your timber via the shares method. Sorry, but it had to be said :-)

Okay, the story is you have 53 black walnut trees. For the sake of argument, let us just say that each tree contains 200 board feet (very conservative). Additionally, for the sake of argument, 20% of your volume is...

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Who is to say that a timber buyer 4 counties away wouldn’t be willing to pay $30,000 for your timber? Black walnut marketing pays for itself, ...

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To learn more about caring for young walnut trees to get the best timber prices, go to mdc.mo.gov/node/4188. Selling Your Timber.

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This bulletin will help woodland owners grow black walnut trees in natural stands and plantations for timber, nuts, and agroforestry. It...

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