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Havwoods Wood Flooring Grades Havwoods wood flooring grades explained and what to expect from Prime, Select, Character and Rustic Grades in Wood Floors. Where filler is used its colour is carefully selected to complement the wood rather. Composite De
I have an interior door frame, which has been sawn locally in Sumatra, Indonesia from what is referred to as 'damar'. This I suspect is Agathis borneensis, or possibly Agathis dammara. I looked up the wood, and it suggests: http://tropix
Expansion Joints Trim-A-Slab is available in four sizes, 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-3/8" - and also in three colors, cement grey, walnut, and black. Trim-A-Slab sizes follow THE GAP THAT YOU ARE FILLING. For more information on specific products choose fro