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Contact us to view the show apartment at The Music BoxThe Music Box combines inspirational architecture and outstanding interiors to create a unique new landmark for Southwark, with the lower levels shared with the London Centre of Contemporary Music
You may be able to keep low-voltage wires out of sight and out of your path simply by running them under rugs and behind furniture. If not, here are some solutions for hiding speaker wire—or just about any other type of low-voltage wiring (for phones
Since GUITAR RIG 5 the preset database structure has changed. GUITAR RIG 5 uses a tag-based preset browser to facilitate sound administration. Note: To access a GUITAR RIG 5 preset database with more than one computer, it is recommended to use the GU
The slew of commercials is mostly about making money off fear, and has nothing to do with your household security. As an information professional, I do not have online access to my bank accounts, and have never found that to be a particularly attract
My cousin has an external door with a knob lock and a double-deadbolt lock. She prefers not to keep the deadbolt locked. If she goes out through that door, she normally turns the knob, leaving the lock engaged, exits, and pulls the door closed, expec
Garage doors are heavy sectional doors that are made from either steal or wood. These doors are opened and closed based on a cable pulley mechanism that uses a spring loaded coil to support the weight of the door. There are many techniques that can b
Your home is the easiest target for a burglar when you are away. While going on a vacation, whether it be for months or just two to four days, it is best to make sure your home is protected. If you take a little precaution, or better still spend a fe
What are you trying to do? Transfer files from the camera to a Windows 8 computer Where does it apply? HERO4 HERO4 Session HERO3+ HERO+ LCD HERO Windows 7 How to do it There are a few different ways to get your photos and videos from the camera to yo
Many of us are looking to protect our business and homes and looking for a cost effective solution to protect our property while we are gone, by alerting us when someone enters an area they shouldn’t, to capture images of events that take place while
Exposure to the elements, regular use, and accidental damage can cause a leaking garden hose. This wastes water and may cause a loss of pressure that makes it difficult to use nozzles and sprinkler attachments. Fortunately, hose repairs are simple an