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by user345807 Last Updated February 20, 2016 01:09 AM Replacement options for < 1. 5 inch pour? Details: Bathroom remodel (new tub, tile wall/floor, toilet, vanity). Old tile floor came up with finger pressure, found that the gypsum concrete under
I am in the process of laying DRIcore panels in my basement. The ultimate plan is to lay laminate (Pergo) floor once we reach the finish stages. I have a few small areas where the concrete dips about an inch or so
If I understand correctly, the pipe settled, but the surrounding area did not. Therefore the inlet/outlet arrangement determines what flow the culvert can accommodate. You will basically have reduced the cross sectional area of the pipe
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Whoever installed the existing washing machine in the basement was unable to extend one of the legs long enough to adjust for the slope in the concrete floor. So they took a piece of wood and stuck it under that corner. The washing machine is level a
Builders use concrete as a building material for housing foundations because of its strength and durability. Once placed, a concrete slab will last the lifetime of your home, providing the solid basis for the entire structure. Unfortunately, even the
By Bruce W. Maki, Editor This article explains the procedure of installing floor tile in a simple room, in this case a closet. In our old house remodeling project we earlier laid marble tiles on the floor in two bathrooms