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Septic System Problems Solutions Gulf Of Maine Times Winter Spring 2008...

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Bet your job has never looked like this.

Unless you work at a strip club. Or have Uncle Luke as a boss.

Although his new project, Selfish, is out November 3rd, Problem still has to work a regular 9-to-5 like the rest of us (allegedly). According to his video for “Get On It,” he apparently works at a supermarket that is next door to Aces Of Diamonds with Bad Lucc.

“I wanted the concept of this video to stay away from the obvious,” Problem said to Billboard. “Yes, musically, I made this record in the vein of Uncle Luke and The 2 Live Crew. Hella turnt, booty shakin’ type sh*t. Some would expect an X-rated video from me, but I wanted to do something where I could show ALL types of different people turning up without it looking forced. So we asked, ‘Where’s the one place where we know we see all ages, all races, all genders?’ The grocery store! So we got one and had a ball in it!”

Seems legit. Watch the quasi-NSFW video below.

Problem & Bad Lucc Drops...

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Since most all septic systems experience problems over time, knowing how to eliminate such septic problems will help save you time and money in the long run. Here you will find a brief breakdown of many of the current treatment options and how they might assist in fixing your septic problems.

The most popular treatment used for almost all septic problems would be bacteria and enzyme based products. Bacteria products are designed to break down sludge and waste and turn it into water and gases. Allowing them to leech beyond your drainage system and back into the water table deep below your property. Bacteria create enzymes which predigest the organics to allow for faster consumption by the bacteria. This cycle is aggressive and waste degradation and is by far the most popular method used nationwide to remediate septic problems.

Using chemicals are alternate treatments that have lost favor over the years due to their detrimental effects on the environment and the septic...

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by: Beth Rousseau, Action News Jax Updated:


The City of Jacksonville is inspecting safety at all parks following the death of a 3-year-old in a park septic tank.

Amari Harley’s body was found in the underground tank at Bruce Park Sunday night.

Marques Burney said he almost fell into the same tanks just days earlier and told Action News Jax that he was going to file a complaint, but never got around to it.

Another man we spoke to says, just days earlier, he almost fell into the same tank where police found Amari...

— Beth Rousseau (@BethANJax) October 24, 2017

The tanks have been covered with wood since Amari’s accident, but Burney said the lid that was covering the tank before was a lightweight...

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When one septic system fails, it’s a pretty big problem for a property owner. When a series of backups occur within a neighborhood, it can be a pretty big problem for a community. Freedom Septic Service always urges its customers to become more familiar with the needs of their septic systems to enjoy the best service possible.

As this article published by will show our blog readers, systemic issues with septic systems within a single town can even do damage to the local economy. The article discusses one community in Texas that is seeing its tourism revenues threatened by an increase in the number of septic system failures.

The town of Wimberley receives almost two-thirds of its operating budget of $1.3 million from sales taxes collected mainly from tourists visiting the resort community in central Texas. The downtown section, however, is experiencing severe septic problems from an aging infrastructure that has required the city to place a $20,000 portable...

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How to Identify Septic Problems

Septic system warning signs include gurgling toilets, toilets a little hard to flush, water that rises in low areas of plumbing like shower stalls. But right now if you are backed up or experiencing a septic problem you need to know what to do quickly to avoid ruining your flooring. Call us at 561 262 0099

Step One:

If you have a two way clean out on the exterior of your house open it up. Look to see if water is standing in the pipe. If water is visible your problem is in the septic tank. Call a local septic tank contractor. When you unscrew you’re your two clean out cap and water is not standing in the pipe then chances are you do have a plumbing problem. If you don’t have one; install a two way clean out and know where it is.

Step Two:

Open the septic tank on the inlet side; check the water level. Often there is a blockage at the inlet pipe it’s self this happens for various reasons. If the water level is over the inlet...
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1. Soakaway Problems

Some of the signs of a soakaway failure are:

• The toilet keeps overflowing.

• The drains are beginning to make strange gurgling sounds.

• When you empty a sink, it backs up to the shower or bathtub.

• You notice an overflow where your washing machine is hooked-up.

• You smell foul air and see wet waste beginning to show up on your land.

• You smell stinky odors coming from the drains in your house.

• The toilets become slow when you flush them.

• Your drain inspection chambers begin to fill-up with waste. Ideally, these areas should be empty.

• Nearby streams and ditches become polluted.

• You notice that there are dips in the soil near either the soakaway drain or near the septic tank.

2. Type of Soil

Every septic tank needs to be emptied yearly. The container of waste can only handle so much sludge. If the goo starts to empty...

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You likely have a septic problem and that is why you're visiting this web site. sewage has backed up into your home, the toilets flush slowly, and/or sinks won't drain. You may have wet, spongy ground or lush-plant growth near the septic tank or drain-field. You may smell foul odors in your yard or house.

You are not alone, According to the US EPA, septic problems cost homeowners over $130 BILLION annually.

Our education process has saved homeowners just like you billions of dollars in unnecessary repairs to correct their septic problems. The following letters were sent to us, but unfortunately it was too late for these homeowners.

I have been forced to upgrade my system to current county septic code. Please help before theystart tearing my yard. Can you please help to stop this criminal - John D.

We are being forced to upgrade my septic by the health department in Ohio. We believe our septic problems could have been remedied.They say it's too late...

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Septic Inspection / Troubleshooting

You are out cutting the grass one day and you notice the soil is wet over the leaching field You notice an unusual odor in the area where your septic tank is. The drains in your house are making a strange gurgling sound. Who do you call? A plumber? A drain clearing service? It would be a good idea to cut out the middleman, and call a septic inspection service first.

Troubleshooting a septic problem requires a knowledge of the system from the vent pipes in the house to the sand in the disbursement field. A plumber will inspect the venting, check for clogged drains, and send you a bill. A sewer drain service may inspect and clean out the inlet pipe from the house to the tank, but they may not be familiar with anything beyond that point. Even if they are inclined to check the septic tank for problems, it would have to be pumped out first. They will refer you to a septic service.

If your septic system is backing up, it could be...

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I think the solution has been found!

I spent some time digging up the access holes. The tank was full to the top.

I dug up the pipe to the house and there was no noticable leakage. I dug about a foot away from the outlet pipe to the field and after about 3 shovelfulls...baaawoosh! Texas tea! all kinds of it! I dug a 6 X 3 ft trench and it was almost full to the brim with sewage.

We had a guy pump the trench water and the tank today so we could see where the problem is. He decided to take a look himself with a few digs. Turns out that the outlet pipe was once repaired and there was no coupling between the 2 joints. There was a 1 inch space between the new 3ft pipe (attached to the tank) and the pre-existing drainline. Maybe it disintegrated...?

Anyway - I have yet to see this myself as I am currently at work, but after I join them (after I run some water in the pipe to make sure there is no other blockage), I will leave the trouble area open to...

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Septic systems are designed to provide long-term, treatment of sanitary sewer age when operated and maintained properly. However, most systems that fail prematurely are due to improper maintenance. Less serious problems are usually with plumbing such as pipe blockages from tree roots. Sometimes your septic tank, can deteriorate or have other structural issues. The most serious problems are they usually the result of a clogged leaching bed. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive to repair. Once your leaching bed is clogged it usually means full replacement and that cost is substantial.

Your septic system can be evaluated by a septic system professional. Some municipalities and health departments can also perform this service, usually at no cost to the homeowner. To find a reputable septic system inspection service, go to for helpful hints.

Originally your septic system drawing or record usually referred as original as built, a diagram showing where your...

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The Septic Problem

Septage is the material produced in a septic tank after treating many thousands of gallons of sewage from a house. It has a biological oxygen demand (BOD) of 3000-6000 mg/l and a total solids (TS) of 11,000-40,000 mg/l or 1.1-4 % solids. This compares to a BOD of 100-400 mg/l and a TS of 400-1200 mg/l for municipal sewer, the untreated material from homes that enters treatment plants.

Depending on your geographic location, septage is disposed of via land spread, private lagoons, private dewatering facilities or municipal treatment plants. When this material is deposited at municipal treatment plants the high BOD of septage depletes much of the oxygen in the treatment process, effectively killing the treatment process. This is root of most of the treatment plant difficulties although there are additional problems associated with sludge concentration and flow.

The land spreading of raw septage has been banned in most geographic...

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Diagnosing a Septic Tank Drainfield Problem

The most common septic tank failures happen when septic bacteria and septic tank enzymes are killed off in normal septic tanks and aerobic septic tanks by harsh household cleaning chemicals or strong medications homeowners are taking for a serious illness. Another problem area is when septic tank pumps, septic filters, and septic tank aerators break down. All these situations allow septic tank sludge to escape from the septic tank and overload the septic tank drainfield with solids causing the bio-mat to become out of balance.

Slow or sluggish flushing of toilets or drains - septic pipe noises

Drainfield problems or septic tank...

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Your Search for a Local Septic Contractor Starts Here!

For septic tank cleaning, pumping, septic tank and septic system installation and repairs, Septic can help you find the right professional for the job.

Want to extend the life of your home’s septic tank and septic system? Consider a thorough septic inspection by a qualified septic contractor. Proper septic system maintenance could prevent a small septic problem from turning into a major and costly septic system problem. What should you do if you smell a strong sewage odor coming from your septic tank? Is your septic drain field working the way it supposed to? What if you need a new septic tank or system installed? Should you install a concrete septic tank or a plastic septic tank?

A good working septic system is vital to your family’s health and safety, so find a qualified septic company or ask a septic tank consultant. Just enter your zip code above to start your...

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Frequently-asked questions about having trouble with a neighborr's septic system:

This articler answers common questions about how to resolve disputes concering a neighbour's septic tank or drainfields, leaks, failures, odors, or property line encroachments.

This article series offers advice for investigating, diagnosing, and resolving odor, seepage, or well contamination problems that appear to originate on a neighbor's property.

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Questions & Answers on Septic Odors, Seepage, Failures, on Neighboring Lands

Recently-posted questions & answers about septic tank or field disputes with neighbors. These questions and replies were posted originally at NEIGHBORING SEPTIC SYSTEM PROBLEMS


To have...

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"Over 50 Years Of Experience Means Service You Can Count On!"

Since 1962 the Frost family has been offering septic services in the State of Maine to many satisfied residential and commercial accounts. Experience and knowledge are never a question as to whether the job can be performed confidently, with over 50 years of experience we are a company you can trust.

We provide septic tank cleaning and maintenance services and believe it is important for our customers to understand how their system functions so they can maintain it and ensure its functioning properly. We are knowledgeable, courteous, and professional and will provide you with the best customer service possible. All of our crew has been properly trained in the use of all of our equipment as well as safety procedures.

We now offer portable restrooms! If you are holding a function or have a job site that needs portable toilets we can accommodate you. When you work with us you will...

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When your plumbing backs up and into the house, it can be hard to tell if you should contact a plumber or a septic maintenance provider. Although plumbers and septic maintenance providers may seem to deal with the same type of septic system problems, the truth is these two businesses do not overlap; a plumber does not have the knowledge required to fix septic systems, and we are not equipped to resolve plumbing issues.

Here’s a quick video from Chad with some tips on how to know when to call a septic system maintenance provider like Van Delden or a plumber when your plumbing begins to back up.

If you are experiencing septic backup, try checking the septic system’s cleanout. The septic systems cleanout is the short PVC pipe with removable cap that sticks out of the ground between your house and the septic tank.

If you do not see any backup in the septic cleanout, we recommend you contact a plumber, as this is an indicator that the...
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