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Septic Tank - Planting over or near the SoakawayTable of ContentsSeptic Tank soakaways, when correctly installed, do not smell, so there is no need to plant anything other than grass over them. However, many people, especially those with smaller gard
No, Heck, No! Every single offical source I have ever consulted explicitly states that they should not be used, and do more harm than good. Every bacterium required for the process lives inside you, and populates the tank "naturally. " Here is an exc
My risers are leaking ground water into the tanks every time it rains. It's pouring in gallons per minute through the gap between the existing risers and the tanks, the level increases 1" every 20 minutes. One of the companies I talked to said they w
Low Water Pressure We have a toilet that has very low-pressure flushing action. Is there anything that I can do other than calling in a professional? We've had a few people out to look at it and they cannot seem to diagnose this properly. Click here