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Sewer mains are extremely important and require a lot of coordination with your local city or town. The cost to install a sewer line may or may not fall directly on you, but regardless it's good to be informed about the different factors that can impact installation cost. It's crucial to use a professional if your city isn't doing the installation. A licensed professional can help walk you through the process and explain the sewer pipe installation cost for your municipality and home. Here are some factors that might come into play with the cost to install a sewer line.

Housing type

The type of home you live in–stand alone home, townhouse, or part of a housing tract–can affect the cost to install a sewer main line. Some stand alone houses may be responsible for the cost to install a sewer line. In other types of homes, it can be part of city services or a HOA's responsibility, which would be part of a fee. It's important to look into how your city handles sewer...
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A main sewer line directs all wastewater to a septic system or municipal sewer system and is an essential component of every building’s plumbing. Installing and replacing sewer lines is a significant project that should be completed by a qualified professional. The characteristics of your property are important factors in the cost of installation and replacement.

Residential and Commercial Projects

Installation procedures for sewer lines are generally similar for residential and commercial properties, but material and installation standards may vary with municipal codes. Sewer line installations at homes cost an average of $1583 in the U.S., with costs often affected by the presence of a septic tank versus public sewer services. It may cost $2497 to set a line at an apartment facility and $3201 for a business property, where larger diameter lines are typically required.

New and Replacement Installations

Installing a new sewer line during construction...

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A project to install a new sewer line in San Luis Obispo starts this upcoming Monday.

Officials are warning drivers to expect lane closures, detours and delays on California Street from Monterey to Marsh Street.

From 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday, traffic will be moving in the northwest direction only.

Vehicles traveling in the opposite direction will face detours.

From 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays through Fridays those same closures will be in effect.

Work on this segment of the project is expected to last about three weeks, unless heavy rains impede construction crews from the ability to work.

The entire project is expected to wrap up by the end of...

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Roto-Rooter does more than just clean your drains. We offer several sewer services – such as main sewer line repair, main sewer line replacement and main sewer line cleaning – to correct a number of problems, including:

Broken, cracked, offset or collapsed pipe: Pipes have been damaged due to shifting soil, frozen ground, settling, etc. Blockage: Grease buildup or a foreign object is restricting or prohibiting proper flow and/or cleaning of the line. Corrosion: The pipe has deteriorated and/or broken, causing collapses in the line and restricting flow. Bellied pipe: A section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions, creating a valley that collects paper and waste. Leaking joints: The seals between pipes have broken, allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe. Root in sewer line: Tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line and/or have damaged the line, preventing normal cleaning. Off-grade pipe: Existing pipes are constructed of substandard...
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A reliable drain and sewer system is a very important aspect of modern indoor comfort. Most people have their sewer lines connected to municipal sewer systems. However, the homeowner is responsible for the portion of the sewer line that runs from the house to the street, as well as all the drain lines inside the house. If you're in dire need of drain or sewer line installation, contact the North Jersey plumbing experts at Advanced Professional Plumbing. We've been providing drain line and sewer line installation in North Jersey for more than 40 years.

Common Drain and Sewer Line Problems
If there's a problem with your drain lines or sewer line, you'll likely find out about it very quickly. Here are a few common drain and sewer line problems.

Root Invasion: If there is a tree close to your sewer line, there's a good chance that the roots will damage it over time. If this is the case, you may need to remove the tree and replace the line.

Leaky Pipe: If left...

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Below is an overview of our sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, and sewer line installation services that we provide in Colorado Springs, Black Forest, Monument, El Paso County, and surrounding areas.

By definition, a sewer line is the main pipe at a commercial or residential location that carries off sewage. When this breaks, leaks or clogs, the transfer of sewage is stopped and/or creates an undesired spill of sewage on the property. Several things can cause a break, leak or clog to include temperature, ground shifting, digging, or simply, the pipes are old or outdated and have lost their integrity.

If this has happened to you, it’s in your best interest to seek sewer line repair, replacement, or new installation as soon as possible to prevent more or future problems.

Likely, an excavator can assess your damage and write you an estimate for services. The process may take several hours to several days and can vary in cost depending upon the complexity...

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Sewer line installation or replacement on steep slopes:

This article describes the installation of drain lines on steep slopes between a house and the septic tank. We present an actual case study, illustrated with photos of each step in the diagnosis and replacement of a blocked sewer line.

Proper drain line slope is important in avoiding septic or sewer line clogging and backups Zig-Zag septic piping on steep hillsides U-turn septic piping on steep hillsides Septic piping along the fall line of a slope Steep septic designs used for sewer or septic piping replacement or new installations

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Guide to installing the replacement sewer pipe line at Steep Sites

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What is the proper...

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Has your sewer shown signs of back-up? Get your sewer line checked for damage. Call 443-216-7903 for professional sewer line repairs and installation.

A sewer line issue can be one of the most frustrating plumbing issues that a homeowner in Baltimore, can face. When the lines which carry sewage from your home, which are usually invisible and buried several feet beneath the ground, become ruptured, damaged, or burst due to clogs in the line, the sewage can begin to seep out, rising to the ground level and causing a messy and unpleasant scene to resolve.

Luckily, H Griffin Contracting can help! With speedy, efficient service at prices which can’t be beat, we’re ready to help you solve your sewer line issue. See how you can save on our services before you call by visiting our coupons page.

With 24-hour emergency service and skilled, licensed and knowledgeable technicians, it’s no wonder so many people turn to us for help solving their sewer line...

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Sewer Check Valve

Homeowners in distress routinely express interest in installing a sewer check valve (also known as a backwater valve) as a solution for back ups from public sewer overflow.

At various locations across NYC the past building boom may cause the public drain system to be overburdened and not able to handle the flow of waste and rain water. Sometimes this overflow will back up through a house sewer and cause a property owner a lot of distress.

Unpredictable weather such as extremely heavy rainfall, flash floods, and even a recent hurricane have exasperated this condition. City sewer back ups now occur even more frequently. These back ups usually result in damage and expensive clean-ups. Naturally people that are affected by this condition look for a sensible sewer repair solution for this situation.

City sewer back ups affect a property owners

Basement damage from water

If the water level in a city sewer rises to a level...

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“Do you have a clean out access or sewer clean out?”

It’s one of the first questions you’ll be asked when you call Coast to Coast Plumbing about a clogged toilet, sink or sewage backup in your Los Angeles home.

Some homeowners will know immediately if they do or don’t.

Others may tell us they have no clue what we are talking about.

A clean out access or sewer clean out is a capped pipe usually found on the main lateral pipe or main sewer line. The capped portion extends out of the ground by a few inches and can be located in the front yard, back yard or even in the basement.

Older homes in Los Angeles may not have a clean out access or sewer clean out, so it’s important they understand the advantages and disadvantages as it relates to hiring a plumber to unclog their main drain line from sewer blockage or sewage overflow.

Disadvantages of not having a clean out access or sewer clean out

You can expect a longer and more expensive...

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A sewer valve is unique and designed differently than any other type of water valve or gate valve. A valve used to prevent ‘backwater’ (waste water) from entering into a building from the public sewer system is exposed to corrosive water, waste, grit, and other solids. For that reason this type of valve does not use a typical ‘seated gate’ – a ‘knife edge gate’ is employed. A knife edged gate is specifically designed for controlling the flow of a wide variety of materials, such as found in pulp plant, paper plants, mining, and waste water treatment plants who’s flow contains solid materials. Unlike for instance a valve meant for drinking water.

The unique features of a sewer ‘knife edge valve’

While a sewer check valve is more widely used than a knife edged type, this type has advantages. Unlike a check valve, which greatly reduces backwater but does not eliminate it, a knife edged valve completely 100% stops backwater from passing through it. When a...

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When you need septic and sewer rodding or televising services in the Joliet area, do not look beyond R&R for all of your needs. We will attempt to provide quality workmanship each time we make a service call to your home or business. We offer a full range of services that will address any drainage issues that may arise.

Our line of business can be messy, but we will make every attempt to take care of your property if you contract with us. We are a family-owned company in our fifth decade of existence. We are in tune with the needs of our customer base. Septic pumping/repair/installation/maintenance, hydrojetting and vac-cleaning, sewer rodding/televising/repair/installation/, water line repair/installation, and sump pump repair are services that we offer. Our fleet of trucks is recently updated to serve your needs. Many of our vehicles are compliant with "zero emissions" regulations.

We maintain local values and ethics and offer competitive pricing. Our...

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We can handle all of your needs relating to catch basin and storm line cleaning and repair.

Catch basins "catch" or collect dirt and other debris. This debris requires periodic removal. Using a high powered vacuume truck, we can remove grease and debris from catch basins. We dispose of all materials to an EPA authorized facility.

Catch basins also contain water. Water in a catch basin rises to a certain level inside the basin and then drains into an outflow pipe, which is a storm sewer. Sometimes, this storm sewer needs to be cleaned. A catch basin needs to be vacuumed and cleaned before the dirt rises and plugs the outflow pipe. Removing this debris prevents pollution and expensive flood damage to residential, commercial and municipal properties.

Have your catch basins pumped on a regular basis, at least twice a year.

Vacuum catch basins. Provide safe disposal of all types of catch basin debris. Power jet storm line, if needed. Repair catch basins. ...
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