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(1) The fan as shown in the photo is upside down. Mounted in this position, the weight of the fan will pull the plate away from the beam. Turn it over so the weight will push the plate against the beam
14 Modern Homes That Use Rain Chains To Divert Water | CONTEMPORIST As we enter the rainy season there’s going to be a lot of rain, and sometimes that can be a bit miserable. But what if every time it rained you got to enjoy an interesting water feat
I have the below program:(functionality: pads white spaces to the right of string,used astreix here for visual ease): os:windows(visual studio) #include "stdafx. h" #include #include #define CBUFFSIZE 48 void right_pad_str(char *pad_str, char *buff,i
Yes, the poured, floated & sealed afterward slab is the best way to go, if you're up to it, & it's the best anchor. Definitely do at least a 4-inch bed of gravel under everything, this is what moves instead of a slab or blocks or pads. Howeve
Once the fabrication of the structure is finished we can now move onto the foundations. This is when marking out becomes a fine art. Good plans
Sheds are used for all sorts of things nowadays. Many of these uses would make insulated sheds a necessity. Certain things, like electronics and specialty tools, store better when protected from extreme temperature changes
Almost any door should be hung plumb on both axes, level, and square. Not doing so results in undesirable movement due to gravity along with other adverse functional issues. In this case, I'd hang the door roughly centered in the opening using shims,
I agree with Iggy,having put up a shed myself. Foundations are of particular importance to building authorities, especially if you are in a high wind geographical location. At a minimum,I'd be digging trenches the perimeter of your shed, pour concret
Timber buildings are incredibly useful. They are great as outdoor storage sheds for keeping garden and decorating equipment, old bicycles, pet food, and anything else you don’t have room for in your garage. Some people also use their shed as a bolt h
Anyone know if there's a solution for locking a backyard shed, that would let me rekey it to be the same as a normal house key. The shed is a Tuff Shed with double wood doors like this: Currently the shed is secured with a basic swivel hasp like this